Must-Know Facts about the Yihiecigar YiHi Chip

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There has been quite a buzz in the vaping community about the YiHi chip. Although the powerful chip was first introduced in December of 2013, its inclusion in popular box mods like the IPV series by Pioneer4You have gained the chip a more significant portion of the spotlight. What makes the YiHi special? How does it improve upon existing vaping technology? Grab your YiHi-powered mod and we’ll answer these questions and a few others.

yihi chip

YiHi SX450J-BT. Image Credit:

The History of the YiHi Chip

The YiHi chip is manufactured by Yihiecigar. The company has been in business for a half-decade and focuses solely on manufacturing chips for vaping devices. They introduced the original YiHi SX220 and SX200 in 2013, and these chips were immediately adopted by Sigelei for use in their box mods. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

The manufacturer had already gained a reputation for innovation in the industry thanks to patents for gravity sensors and shaking control systems that were a precursor to many features that are commonplace in vaporizers today. Yihiecigar has continually pushed the envelope in the development of their products, and some say the improved YiHi chipset released in 2014 has revolutionized the industry.

Revolutionary or not, there can be no disputing that the YiHi has found favor with vaporizer manufacturers. The chip developer’s willingness to explore the outer limits of what mods are capable of is encouraging to the industry. After all, vaporizers are pieces of technology and subject to the forced evolution of the species. Mods that don’t move vaping forward are doomed to die on the shelf.

Features of the YiHi Chip

Without question, the chip in a mod is something many vapers don’t think too much about. Much more attention is given to coil architectures and a mod’s overall functionality. It’s the chip, however, that drives every aspect of the mod. It pays to have some basic knowledge of chipset technology if you’re genuinely interested in tweaking and refining the vaping experience.

For a while now the big three when it comes to vaping chipsets have been the DNA, the YiHi, and the chips made by JoyeTech. Pioneer4You’s IPV series, such as the IPV8 is probably the most well-known among those that use the YiHi. Of the three, the YiHi scores highest in terms of features that are user-friendly, reliable, and efficient.

A big plus for the YiHi is that it supports the use of the highest wattages. The trend today is toward more power, and no other chipset is really duplicating what the YiHi can do in that area. Devices using this chipset also seem to benefit from more advanced OLED displays than those of their rivals.

yihi chip

Inspection area at the YiHi plant. Image credit:

The most recent incarnation of the YiHi chip supports pretty much every mod innovation to date. It’s got color screen compatibility for 2.8”, 3.5”, and 4.3” screens. The chip introduces something called Perfect Experience Mode which provides a greater level of temperature control. The max wattage is 250W, and Yihiecigar claims that even this is upgradeable at some point in the future. The chip also supports touch screen functionality, something that is appearing more and more often on mods these days.

All of these things are improvements over the original chip. It stands to reason that the makers of the YiHi chip are in business for the long haul and are dedicated to leading the technological charge. It may be too soon to call this chip the Intel of the vaping industry, but such a comparison wouldn’t be far off the mark.

There is a certain nerdy appeal to vaping devices. Don’t deny it. Hardcore vapers get pretty worked up over the specs of their mod. It’s reasonable to suggest that at some point in the near future the chip of a vaporizer will become as relevant as computer processors in the eyes of consumers. Knowing a bit about a mod’s chipset can give you a good idea of the device’s ability to meet your needs.



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