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VaporFi Volt Hybrid Review + 12% E Liquid Discount

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If you are an experienced vaper, you already know that the big trend in vaping for the last few months has been the sub-ohm tank. All the major manufacturers have put at least one out and US-based ecig-maker Vaporfi has now come out with their own: the Vaporfi Volt. They are calling it a hybrid tank. “Hybrid” here does not mean that you can screw it directly onto a mech mod without the 510 connection, what they mean is that it can used with an RBA deck. In other words, you have the option of using pre-built coil heads or of building your own coils.

vaporfi volt

The VaporFi Volt unboxed.

What is Vaporfi?
Vaporfi has positioned themselves as a high-end ecig-maker putting out products and eliquids that are aimed at both experienced vapers and newbies. They retail online and via their brick and mortar stores. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

What Does the Vaporfi Volt Bring to the Table?
If you are a long time sub-ohmer then you are probably wondering what is so special about the Vaporfi Volt? For one thing, it looks almost exactly like Kanger’s subtanks. No, this is not just a rebranded or cloned subtank. Vaporfi actually collaborated with Kanger to come up with their version of the subtank.

VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank

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VaporFi Volt Hybrid Review + 12% E Liquid Discount
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VaporFi Volt Hybrid Review + 12% E Liquid Discount


Differences Between the Original Subtank and the Vaporfi Volt

  • Bigger Juice Flow Holes – If you were paying attention when the Kanger subtanks first came out, one of the big problems that reviewers and early adopters found was the size of the juice flow holes in the coil heads. They were tiny. Tiny juice flow holes lead to dry hits and burned cotton. The Vaporfi Volt coil heads have wider juice flow holes so that your cotton will always be saturated with e-liquid.
  • Green O-Rings – The Vaporfi Volt’s o-rings are green, unlike those on the subtank. Only Vaporfi has the green o-rings.
  • New Materials– The Vaporfi Volt is made with different materials than the original subtanks.
  • Better Flavor – It is widely known among vapers that sub-ohming provides better flavor whether you are dripping or using a tank. The coil heads are made using organic cotton sheets that allow for better wicking of your e-liquid as well as cleaner, brighter flavors.
  • Bigger, Denser Clouds – Of course, how much vapor you get will depend on the resistance of your coil and the VG content of your e-liquid. If you want really big clouds, you can get them on the Vaporfi Volt with a 0.5-ohm coil and the RBA section. Note that Sub-ohming is slightly different than regular vaping and requires some getting used to.

vaporfi volt

The Volt uses the signature Green Band.

Adjustable Air Flow – As with the Kanger Subtank Mini, you can adjust your air flow from all the way open to a tight draw suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping. If you are lung-inhaling, opening the air flow all the way will get lots of air to the coil.

With your Vaporfi Volt, you will get a number of accessories such as:

  • 1 1.2-ohm coil
  • 1 0.5-ohm coil
  • The RBA Deck (you do not have to buy it separately as with some other sub-ohm tanks)
  • 1 Free 30ml bottle of e-liquid
  • A user manual
  • 1 Screw driver and spare screws
  • 1 Spare RBA coil
  • Extra Pyrex Glass Tube

Vaporfi provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their products and a 90-day warranty on the Volt. You will not get these on the sub-tank mini. In addition, you will be purchasing from a reputable company based in the US. Whether you are new to vaping or have been into it for a while, it is good to these kinds of guarantees from a vendor.

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