Top 5 Reasons Vaping is Better than Smoking

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The past several years has seen a lot of talk about how vaporizing or vaping stands up against traditional smoking. The former is lauded as a healthier, less addictive version of the latter. The latter is demonized for many very good reasons that can all be summed up by the life and death of the so-called Marlboro Man.

Why we think vaping is better than smoking.

vaping better than smoking5. Social Benefits

There is no doubt that polite society is starting to shun cigarette smokers. Some people are even quite rude about others’ personal decision to pollute their own bodies. Well, vaping takes away a lot of the social stresses that come with smoking these days. They do not smell, so no one can even tell you have smoked. They can be used anywhere, as they mainly only emit water vapor, so there is no East European-esque smoking area to see yourself off to when the need arises. Lastly, there is no second-hand smoke to tick people off. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

4. Money-Saving Benefits

A traditional pack of cigarettes can cost $5, $10, even $15 these days, particularly with the ridiculous taxes placed on them in many states. With the right e-cig using eLiquid, or disposable cartridges and a rechargeable battery, you can get as much as 5 times the amount of smoking time at the same price. Even bargain brands have a hard time stacking up in this department.

3. Fire Safety Benefits

Traditional cigarettes and even other smoking products require a flame and then a cherry to smoke. That means something hot enough to start a fire is present, often in homes, for the duration of the smoking session. According to the USFA, roughly 1,000 people die in fires started by cigarettes in the United States every year. Unfortunately, unsafe brands of e-cigs have been behind house fires too. However, the stats are nowhere near equal. E-cigs, especially reputable brands, have a clear advantage here for the safety-minded smoker.

2. Higher Probability To Quit Smoking

Any smoker or former smoker who has tried to kick the habit using patches or gum can tell you that they often don’t work. They simply do not mimic the psychological and physical aspects of smoking cigarettes. Many of the best vape juice brands offer all of their flavors in varying amounts of nicotine, even nicotine-free. These products are not labeled as nicotine cessation products, but they certainly appease all the needs a smoker craves.

1. It is a Fact that Smoking Kills

According to the CDC, smoking harms every organ in the human body. The information that this and other organizations put forth show that it does so to varying degrees depending on the organ and sometimes sheer luck. However, some of the worst damage is seen in the lungs and cardiovascular system. You may have noticed that these systems and organs keep you alive. If not, you will when they stop working. Death occurs due to the damage that smoking causes 440,000 times per year in the United States alone. It is the single worst cause of preventable death in the country. Between 80 and 90% (depending on gender) of people who die from lung cancer and COPD do so because of smoking.

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