VapeDynamics Duo Review: All in One Device

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With the increasing range of options for vaping e-liquids, waxes, and dry herbs, any attempt to unify these options in one device is met with cautious optimism. Each slice of the market has its own top-of-the-line options, so can any one device really expect to compete?  With the release of the Vapedynamics Duo, the answer is apparently “yeah, pretty much!” With a sturdy, compact, and familiar design, the Duo pulls triple-duty with e-liquids, waxes, and herbs without skipping a beat.

Vapedynamics Duo Review

Detailed VapeDynamics Duo review. Video shows how the Duo excels at e-Liquid, wax vaping and dry herb, loose leaf vaporizing without having to use exclusive components.

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting: Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
  • Price: $179.99
  • Size : 90mm x 52mm x 26mm
  • Display : 0.91″ OLED Display
  • Battery : 18650 Interchangeable Battery
  • Features: Built-in reinforced ceramic oven, 510 threading for atomizers

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$170.99 $179.99

VapeDynamics Duo Review: All in One Device
vapedynamics duo

The VapeDynamics Duo allows you to choose and replace your 1865 battery.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice a form factor and function of many modern mods. You’ll find an advanced chipset controlling all manner of wattage, heating speed, and temperature controls for dialing in the perfect vape.

The patented control system itself effectively justifies the price, as it rivals most any options you’ll find on a dedicated mod in the same range. The fact that you can adjust all these options in liquid/wax mode as well as in Dry Herb mode takes the device into relatively uncharted territory, yet it seems to be lighting the way to the future.  The 18650 battery is replaceable, which is an option you don’t see in most other personal vaporizers. The options for vaping are only expanding, and combining everything you could want finally seems feasible.

Dry Herb Mode

Of course, the actual performance of the ceramic oven is important. It’s the feature that will likely determine your purchase, and it’s the one that you can’t swap out for another brand, so it had better be good. Thankfully, it seems well-designed for a solid vaping experience, as well as long-term use. The heating range goes from 300-450F, more than enough to handle any herb you throw at it. The chamber itself is simply built into the stainless steel design, with a sliding protective cover and (included) pyrex mouthpiece. The other benefit of that cover being that it protects the 510 threading while you’re in herb mode. Cleaning instructions and some basic tools are included, while the 450 capability means that anything that sticks can be effectively burned off.

vapedynamics duo

The heating chamber has variable speeds which you can adjust.

Another fantastic feature of the Dry Herb mode is that you can adjust the heating speed.  You have the option of Slow, Medium or Fast.  You may be asking what this feature is for?  Think of it as a crock pot.  If you slowly heat your dry herbs you get an abundance of flavor.  Put it in Fast mode if you are in a rush or to save battery life.

eLiquid/Wax Mode

vapedynamics duo

The advanced chip recognizes when you replace a coil.

The VapeDynamics Duo is a variable wattage device that ranges from 5w to 50w.  It can accommodate coil resistance in non TC mode between 0.1Ω-3Ω.  The Duo is also a Temperature Control Device with the ability to handle Ni 200 (0.1Ω-0.3Ω)  and Ti (0.1Ω-0.8Ω) coils.  The temperature can be adjusted from 300°F-600°F.

As for the Wax mode, as always, your primary experience comes down the coil you’re using. Although, if you’re upgrading from a more locked down design, you’ll suddenly have every option possible for adjusting the temperature, flavor, and that elusive throat hit you were promised with the atomizer. VapeDynamics has some nice options themselves, particularly their CeraWax Tank. The shift to ceramic heating continues there in the form of a donut-shaped coil, and a 600F upper limit comfortably accommodates any wax thrown at it.

vapedynamics duo

The Cerawax is a perfect companion tank for wax vaping on the Duo.

Of course, the design cues of the mod mean that it’s up to you. Personal preference rules this market, so it’s nice to see that VapeDynamics’ attempt to unify the options doesn’t alienate others.



Overall, the VapeDynamics Duo pulls off the impressive trick of addressing the needs of the liquid/herb crowd without compromising on the needs of each. That does mean that it’s still beholden to the quirks of the current generation of tech, so any recommendation is bound to have a shelf life. Still, for the time being, and again when its price inevitably falls, the Duo seems to be a solid answer to a very particular set of prayers.

Save 5% on the VapeDynamics Duo

Take 5% off the purchase price of the VapeDynamics Duo by utilizing my exclusive coupon code. Simply click reveal and add the coupon code during check out at the ePuffStore.

$170.99 $179.99

VapeDynamics Duo Review: All in One Device
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A Revolutionary Breakthrough

The VapeDynamics Duo is the first true "All in One" vaporizer that does everything it is supposed to do and does it well.

  • Ability to choose your wax and eLiquid tanks
  • Variable oven heating speed
  • Advanced chip
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • USB input on bottom
  • Higher than average battery power consumption
  • Cost prohibitive for some
User Rating: 3.5 (6 votes)


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  1. Hi Jim, I was looking at getting a vaping set up for e-liquids and dry herbs. I was wondering if there are any newer or better devices than this on the market? I was thinking about the v2 pro series 7 or the vapedynamic duo, which do you think is better? I only want to have to carry one device

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