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V2 Pro Series 7 Review and Vape Test

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You may want to check out this video if you currently have the V2 Pro Series 3 and are thinking about getting the V2 Pro Series 7.

V2 Pro Series 7 Review

Testing out the new V2 Pro Series 7 loose leaf and dry herb vaporizer.

In this video, I explain to you the differences between the two kits and show the capabilities of the Pro Series 7.  I provide a live example of how it vapes eLiquids as well as loose leaf herbs. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
The Pro Series 7 is significantly larger than the Series 3.

The Pro Series 7 is significantly larger than the Series 3.

Here are the main things you need to know about the V2 Pro Series 7:

  • eLiquid tank capacity has been increased from 1.6ml to 2.4ml
  • Three voltage settings: 3.7V, 4.2V and 4.7V
  • Three temperature settings: 200°C/390°F, 210°C/415°F and 225°C/440°F

What Comes in the Kit

  • Series 7 Vaporizer
  • eLiquid Cartridge
  • Loose Leaf Cartridge
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • Pick & Brush

You also have the option of getting this device in black, blue or stainless steel.

V2 Pro Series 7 Verdict

Overall, I think it is a pretty good upgrade from the V2 Pro Series 3.  It is not the best eLiquid vaporizer on the market and it’s not the best dry herb vaporizer on the market.  What sets it apart is its ability to do both adequately.  You also have the ability to purchase its wax cartridge if you desire to vape waxes.  So if you want an “all-in-one” vaporizer, the V2 Pro Series 7 is a contender to consider.

v2 pro series 7

Although the design is innovative, the eLiquid cartidge will start leaking over time. Note the ejuice stains on the bottom of t he cartridge.

Update: V2 Cigs is now out of business. If you are looking for V2 Cigs cartidges or eliquids for your V2 purchase, check out Apollo Cigs. They have many products compatible with your V2 device as well as similar V2 flavors: Check them out here.
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6.5 Total Score
Improvement From Series 3

Although the Pro Series 7 is an improvement on the Pro Series 3, there is still much to be desired. The V2 Pro Series 7 accomplishes all tasks assigned, but isn't exceptional in any.

  • Adjustable voltage and temperature
  • Larger tank capacity
  • Pass-Through
  • Only V2 tanks can be used with the battery
  • There is a learning curve in figuring out how to use it
  • No adjustable air flow
  • Some eJuice leakage
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


Jim H

I started vaping in January 2011 and haven't had the desire to smoke a traditional cigarette since. It inspired me so much that I created this website to help others like me who want to quit smoking. I hope you enjoy the site and please leave a comment.

  1. Hi Jim
    I am looking for a portable vaporizer. I have been watching your videos. I’m considering the V2 pro series 3 or 7, or VapeDynamics Hera. I use herb to treat migraines, and smoke recreationally on occasion. I want something that I can use, and come back to without vaporizing all of what I put into it. What would your suggestion be, even if its not one of the three. Thanks, Sandi

    • Hi Sandi. Judging by what you wrote, I think the Pro Series 7 may work out well. The Hera is gives you a little more control, but I believe the Pro Series 7 has a bigger a chamber and possibly more vapor production. I do hear that the VapeDynamics Laguna works real well and is pretty popular (I just never tried it). I do have a 5% off coupon on my Brand Deals page for ePuffStore which sell VapeDynamic products. I wish I could be more help. But please let me know how it works out.

  2. Hey Jim. I finally decided on the series 7. I ordered it today. I like the fact it has lager capacity and that they have a lifetime warranty. It also sounds like they have good customer service. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Jim. I got my Series 7 in the mail and it is much bigger than I thought it would be, but it is really a great device. It holds way more product than I expected, and I am afraid it would waste it. That stuff is expensive. I do like it for HoliSmokes vaping tonics. I decided for piece of mind that I would get the series 3. It is perfect for my needs. I like the size of the dry jeers chamber. I don’t feel like I’m using up to much at one time. I wound up spending more, but I love the series 3 and think I’ll save on product in the long run. It’s much more stealthy for recreational use too.

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