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V2 Pro Series 3 Review – Three Ways To Vape

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We’ve come to expect electronics that allow us to customize our experiences. Smart phones, smart televisions and smart houses are or are becoming everyday products. Now V2 Pro adds smart e-cigarettes to that list. Actually, they’re considered personal vaporizers rather than mere e-cigs thanks to extra functionality. Despite the advanced capabilities, the company advertises to both beginning and experienced Vapers.   Learn more about this vaporizer by reading our V2 Pro Series 3 review below.

V2 currently offers the Pro Series 3 and the V2 Pro Series 7.  The Pro Series 9 should be available within a few months. This pen-style vaporizer is sleek looking and nicely compact. Even so, your vaping world just got a lot bigger because with this one device, you can choose between e-liquid, loose-leaf products and essential oils. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

V2 Pro Series 3 Review

Important Information Regarding the V2 Cigs Coupon Code
V2 Cigs does not currently offer a coupon code for V2 Pro products.  However, the coupon above can be used on all other V2 products such eLiquids, cartridges, accessories and starter kits.  Enter the coupon code during checkout where it asks “Have a promo code or gift card?”

Pro Series 3 Cartridge Tanks

V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 with e liquid and loose leaf cartridges.

The Pro Series 3 features separate tanks for each vaping substance so that you don’t have to worry about using different materials in a single tank. Additionally, each cartridge has a picture that easily identifies its use: a liquid drop for e-Liquid, a leaf for loose leaf and what looks like a small honeycomb for essential oil.

Changing cartridges is easy because V2 uses magnets to ensure that the tank locks in place, freeing you from threading hassles. Align the picture with a notch on the device, drop in the cartridge and the magnet clicks home. Then the smart technology kicks in, using microchips to automatically recognize the type of tank you’ve chosen. You don’t need to do anything beyond using the right cartridge for the right medium.

During the writing of this V2 Pro Series 3 review, the vaporizer retails for $59.99.

Aspects and Operation

The V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer is 5.63 inches long and 0.59 inches around. It weighs just under two ounces and has a 650-mAh battery. The top of each cartridge acts as its mouthpiece, all the tanks are reusable and all require manual refills. Three rapid clicks of the battery button lock or unlock the device.

Liquid Cartridge: Holds 1.6 mL of e-Liquid and produces an average of 800 puffs per refill, depending on your draw. It doesn’t allow you to adjust vapor thickness, but future models apparently will. To operate, you can either press the battery button or snap the magnetic USB charger onto the end of the battery and vape without time restraints.  V2 Cigs offer an extensive lineup of eLiquids.  Make sure to check out our their huge supply of the V2 E Liquids since you may want to get some with this kit.

pro series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 with an eLiquid cartridge.

Loose Leaf Cartridge: Burns fine, loose-leaf tobacco, pipe tobacco or other herb products, such as for medical use. Lightly tap the herb product into the internal cartridge oven, insert the cartridge into the pen, and then press the battery button and hold it. It takes approximately 20-25 seconds for the device to heat a leaf product to the proper temperature. An LED light in the tip changes gradually from red to green; you can then puff for approximately two minutes without holding the button. The cartridge processes about 12 of these sessions per battery charge.  Check out my Series 3 loose leaf instructions video here.

Essential Oil Cartridge: This tank is due out in September of 2014. It will apparently operate much like the e-Liquid tank, but it’s a pretty safe bet that V2 doesn’t intend inhalation of aromatherapy oils like sandalwood or similar types that would be toxic. We’ll leave it to your imagination as to what types of oils you might vaporize that many U.S. states would frown upon. This tank will also process nicotine waxes.

Vaping Experience

Even though the Pro Series 3 doesn’t let you adjust the vapor thickness, there’s really no need. The preset level produces lots of nice, thick vapor with every draw. The tank construction prevents leaks, and the battery is long lasting with the option to continue vaping while it recharges.

v2 pro series 3

The V2 Pro Series 3 can be used with eLiquids, loose leaf herbs and essential oils.

What’s in V2 Pro Series 3 Kit

The V2 Pro Series 3 kit comes with a vaporizer in your choice of black, steel or blue, one refillable liquid cartridge, one magnetic USB charger and one 25 mL bottle of e-Liquid. Liquids come in 12 different flavors and in nicotine strengths ranging from 0 percent to 2.4 percent; refills are available in 25 or 50 mL bottles. Separate items include the loose-leaf cartridge, a car charger and a wall adapter.

The future V2 Series 7 model is optimized for loose-leaf vaporization but also easily handle e-Liquid and essential oils. The V2 Series 9 will provide even greater tank capacities along with additional customization options.

Want more information from our V2 Pro Series 3 review?  Visit the official V2 Cigs website to learn more.

Video review on Pro Series 3 using an eLiquid cartridge.
Update: V2 Cigs is now out of business. If you are looking for V2 Cigs cartidges or eliquids for your V2 purchase, check out Apollo Cigs. They have many products compatible with your V2 device as well as similar V2 flavors: Check them out here.
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3-1 All Purpose Vaporizer

The V2 Pro Series 3 can handle eLiquids, essential oils and leafy products. It's the first multi-purpose vaporizer.

  • Decent vapor production
  • Highly versatile
  • Must use V2 cartridges
  • Actuator button flush with battery frame
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