Types of Vapes: How is each one different from the other?

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Differentiating between all the types of vapes

With so many different types of vapes on the market, as well as ongoing developments from manufacturers, new and experienced Vapers alike can benefit from some research into different styles and options. Vape mods are constantly being developed and updated and some mods just don’t fit any one particular category.  But here’s a quick look at the four main styles of electronic cigarettes along with some of their pros and cons.

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types of vapes

A photo example of the main four types of vapes.

A: Cig-a-like (ecigarette)

These are small, cylinder-type eCigs that look similar to traditional cigarettes. They’re generally considered a “starter” style.

  • Cigalikes are all-in-one units that are simple to operate. The traditional size and shape offer easy, out-of-the-box usability and also familiarity for smokers who are new to vaping.
  • Having a choice between disposable and rechargeable cig-a-likes adds to their convenience. You can take disposables out and about with you and keep a rechargeable one at home to use when you have time to deal with maintenance.
  • Cigalikes have a relatively short battery life. It also means that they produce small amounts of vapor.
  • Most cigalikes have a limited number of e-juice flavors due to the inclusion of prepackaged flavored cartomizers. Disposables have even fewer choices than rechargeable styles.  Some of the more advanced cigalikes allow Vapers to add their vape juice of choice into the cartomizer.

B: eGo

eGo style vapes are larger than cigalikes. They’re roughly cigar-sized but look something like pens. They’re very popular and have many options for intermediate use.

  • eGo styles have bigger batteries than cigalikes, meaning longer usability between charges and much more vapor. Some may have variable voltage and temperature control (TC) that lets you control your experience more, yet they’re still easy to carry.
  • eGo devices allow interchangeable tanks, accommodating cartomizers, atomizers and clearomizers. That also means you can choose from a variety of e-juice flavors and refill tanks with whatever you like.

  • eGo devices don’t have automatic battery options. You have to press a manual button with every draw.
  • This style is less convenient than cigalikes. You have to purchase a kit with a tank or buy a tank separately from the battery unit.

C: APVs/Mods

Advanced personal vaporizers and mods, or modified eCigs, may be cylindrical or box shaped, and they’re generally advertised for advanced Vapers or those who vape heavily.

  • Mods offer a lot of power, often with variable voltage/variable wattage and TC  that allow you to fine-tune your vaping experience. They also deliver steady power throughout a charge.
  • APVs let you customize your vaping method and substance. You can choose your favorite tank style; try dripping for improved flavor and vapor; or try essential oils and nicotine waxes.

  • Mods are bigger than other vape devices, and with a tank attached, they can sometimes be a little awkward to carry and hold.
  • All that choice means a greater learning curve and more involvement every time you vape.

D: Herbal Vaporizers

These pen-sized or larger devices handle dry products, such as fine-leaf tobacco or other herbs you might choose to vaporize.

  • Vaporizing leaf product creates a smoother experience than burning it, and it avoids many of the toxic chemicals associated with smoking.
  • There’s no waste since a vaporizer doesn’t burn down the way a cigarette does when you’re not inhaling.

  • Herbal vaporizers require more frequent cleaning than e-liquid atomizers. They also need additional supplies, such as mesh filters.
  • If you also vape ejuices, you may need more than one device if your favorite herbal vaporizer only handles leaf.

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