There Are Six Types of Vapers – Which Are You?

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We can classify Vapers into six categories

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of Vaper you are? Did you even know there are different types of Vapers? Of course there are! After years of painstaking research we have definitive proof that Vapers can be classified into six distinct groups.

What Type of Vaper are You?

There are six categories of Vapers? Which one do you think you are?

Types of Vapers


The Cessationalist

types of vapers

The Cessationalist is on a mission. And that mission is to quit smoking. Image: www.canstockphoto.

The Cessationalist is a calculating and methodical vaper. He or she has recently quit smoking and is using a vaping device to wean themselves off cigarettes. Their tactic usually consists of phasing the nicotine content of their eLiquid down to zero with the eventual goal of ending their nicotine addiction altogether. Cessationalists are serious people and believe they are on a mission. Here are some key traits of the Cessationalist: Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

  • Owns mid to low end above ohm vape pens or mods.
  • Use high PG vape juice with varying amounts of nicotine
  • Has little to no knowledge of vape terminology
  • Actually reads and monitors their puff counter


The Complacent Vaper

types of vapers

Good luck trying to tell the Complacent Vaper to quit vaping! Image: www.canstockphoto.

The Complacent Vaper may or may not have been a former smoker. But one thing they all have in common is that they truly enjoy vaping. The Complacent Vaper has no desire to quit vaping and considers it part of their daily routine. They won’t stop vaping for anyone or anything, period. Here are some additional character traits of the Complacent Vaper:

  • Owns a wide assortment of vape pens and mods
  • Gives people the stink eye when asked about quitting
  • Believes No Smoking Signs do not apply to them
  • Has mastered the art of stealth vaping


The Cloud Chaser

types of vapers

A Cloud Chaser makes every day mostly cloudy.  Image:

The Cloud Chaser is the race car driver of the Vape World. They derive a great deal of satisfaction and adrenalin by producing the biggest and most dense clouds with their sub ohm devices. Cloud Chasers enjoy irritating non Vapers with their cloud production, but will never admit it. They are also highly competitive individuals and will critique other Vaper’s smoke rings and cloud production. A Cloud Chaser also exhibit these traits:

  • Only owns high wattage mods
  • Can explain Ohm’s Law in their sleep
  • Only owns high VG vape juice
  • Buys organic cotton and has a workshop to build coils


The Flavor Savor or Flavor Chaser

types of vapers

The Flavor Savor has an advanced palate and can discern over 10,000 flavors.

The Flavor Savor is arguably the most refined of Vapers. Rather than seeking big clouds, their interest lies in discovering new flavors and aromas. They are the wine tasters of the vaping community. Here are some notable features of the Flavor Savor:

  • Owns a huge assortment of varying eLiquids
  • Owns both above ohm and sub ohm devices
  • Has a deep rooted desire to describe vape juice flavors to anyone willing to listen
  • Knows which cocktails and cheese pair with their vape juice


OPV (Other People’s Vapes)

types of vapers

The OPV is always ready to bum a drag off other people’s vapes. Image:

The OPV is the most mischievous and enviable of all Vapers. They usually neither smoke nor vape. The OPV only vapes when the desire hits them. The unique aspect of OPVs is that they don’t actually own a vaping device. They get their vaping fix by bumming hits off their friends device. Some key traits associated OPVs are:

  • Suffers no addictions
  • Usually spotted at parties or where alcohol is served
  • Tends to ask a lot of favors
  • Very fun to be with for short periods of time


The Drifter


The Drifter regularly shifts between vaping and smoking. Image:

The Drifter is a non-committed individual who regularly alternates between smoking cigarettes and vaping. The Drifter either enjoys both activities or has little to no will power to make any transition whatsoever. The Drifter tends to be resistant to change and does not like taking drastic measures. The Drifter is the same person who usually orders medium fries and drinks. Some other key features on the Drifter are:

  • Is a full or part time smoker
  • Occasionally goes in hiding because they understand their weakness to peer pressure
  • Difficulty in sticking to plans
  • Regularly feels guilty about drifting back to cigarettes

The Hybrid Vaper

An interesting fact regarding these types of Vapers is that some hybrids have been identified. For instance, there have been reports of Cessationalists occasionally going into Drifter mode. In other circumstances, an OPV suddenly becomes a Complacent Vaper.

Now that you have read these types of Vapers, which one do you think you are?

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