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Suorin Air Pod System Vape Test and Review

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Suorin Air Review

The Suorin Air hit the market about four months ago and it seems to be doing quite well with Vapers who have tried it. I wasn’t planning on trying the device until my Juul started giving me some trouble. I decided to visit my local vape shop and they recommended the Air as a great alternative to the Juul.

Suorin Air

Direct Vapor offers a low price guarantee. Should you find a Suorin Air at a lower price, they will match or refund you the difference.


Suorin Air Pod System Vape Test and Review

First Impression

suorin air

The Suorin Air has a unique and very discreet design.

The first thing noticeable about the Air is how thin it is. This is actually a positive thing because its thin rectangular shape makes it easy to store in a shirt pocket and it’s wide enough to not easily get lost. The price is reasonable and the replacement pods are not expensive at all. It has a sleek, modern look and can be vaped discreetly if needed. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
  • Dimensions: 88mm-8mm-45mm
  • Coil: 1.2ohms
  • Battery Strength: 400mAh
  • Wattage: 16W
  • Capacity: 2ml of vape juice

  • One Suorin Air Device
  • One Pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warning card
  • Quality Certificate

  • Blue: Battery has 50% or greater charge
  • Red: Battery has 49% or less charge
  • Charging: Via USB.  Light is Blue while charging

Suorin Battery

The Air utilizes an internal 400 mAh battery that is significantly more powerful than the Juul or similar pod systems.  It produces a respectable 16W of power and can be recharged via the micro-USB input located on the bottom of the device.  A micro-USB cable is included with the kit.  The one notable feature about this battery is that utilizes an on/off switch which is located on the side of the device next to the micro-USB port.  This is a great feature that preserves battery life and prevents the occasional accidental activation that occurs with Juul like devices or push-button vape pens.


A close up of the On/Off switch and micro USB connector.

Next to the on/off switch is an LED that provides the user with a battery life status.  A blue light means the battery is over half full and a red light means the battery is less than 50% charged.  When charging a drained battery, the LED will turn from a blinking red to blue after it is properly charged.

Suorin Air Pods

refilling suorin air pods

Refilling Suorin Air pods is very easy to do.

Suorin Air Pods are nicely designed and easily snap into the device. An unusual feature is that the mouthpiece is located on the rounded corner of the pod. This may seem unnatural to Vapers used to vaping out of a cylindrical mouthpiece, and it certainly was for me. But in time, it becomes second nature.

A close up of the Suorin Air mouthpiece which is located on the side of the pod.

A close up of the Suorin Air mouthpiece which is located on the side of the pod.

Suorin states that these pods can hold 2ml of vape juice, but I think it may hold slightly more. At least it seems that way because of how wide the pods are. The pods can be refilled by simply unplugging the red gasket on the bottom of the pod to add your favorite vape juice. The tank is semi-transparent, so you can easily see when the pod is getting full.

A word of caution, Saurin recommends using a ratio of 70/30 or 60/40 VG/PG juice. Using a 50/50 or less may cause some leaking. That’s because a high PG vape juice is less viscous than a high VG and may end up seeping out of the pod. This Saurin Air review was conducted using 60/40 NicSalt and no leakage was detected at all.

When adding vape juice for the very first time, allow the cotton around the internal coil to saturate for about 8 minutes before using.

The pods utilize a 1.2Ω coil that generates a rich flavor and satisfying vapor production. Each pod is guaranteed to work for at least 5 refills and should be replaced at least every two weeks.  For replacement pods, I suggest this reputable dealer.

suorin air pods.

Air pods last about two weeks and are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

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8.5 Total Score
Next Generation Pod System

The Suorin Air may very take the lead from Juul as the next reigning pod system. The device is modern, comes with refillable pods and affordable.

  • Sleek and discreet
  • On/Off Switch
  • Low cost pods
  • Refillable pods
  • Awkward mouthpiece
  • Only one pod in the kit
User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)

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