Common Sense Reasons To Stay Away From Cheap E Cigs

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You get no benefit from buying cheap e Cigs

You can buy e-cigs everywhere these days, including convenience stores and even some grocery stores. Prominent displays offer everything you need for $9.99 or less, and bargain websites are similar. When starter kits at dedicated vape shops or dependable online retailers cost $30.00 or possibly much more, those cheap options look pretty good. They’re not. At best, you might only waste your money. At worst, you might end up inhaling unsafe, unknown substances.

cheap e cigs

Don’t throw your money away on cheap e cigs. Photo credit: Can Stock Photo.

Product Quality

Poor quality might be the most important reason to stay away from cheap e-cigs. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
  • A device that only costs a few dollars won’t have quality parts or be built to last. If an e-cig doesn’t work well or dies quickly, what good is a low price? Body construction, atomizer coil material and connections between device elements are all important in creating a satisfying vape experience. Cheap parts won’t do it, and many people have wasted money or even stuck with cigarettes longer because of poor quality.
  • There is evidence to suggest that some e-cigs release metals, such as tin, during use. You want an e-cig to reduce toxicity, not increase it. A cheap, poorly made device could be dangerous.
  • Cheap e-cigs don’t have powerful batteries, meaning you could spend more time recharging than actually using the device. That doesn’t bode well for total longevity either.
  • eLiquid could be a big unknown. Some manufacturers don’t disclose all their ingredients, properly label nicotine strengths or maintain consistent nicotine percentages. Early studies by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration discovered that some eLiquid cartridges had diethylene glycol, which is poisonous. Don’t take the chance.

A reputable e-cig retailer will disclose all eLiquid ingredients and use food-grade quality with no additives. Additionally, the quality materials in their vapor devices, such as stainless steel and sturdy plastics, are safer and give you a better experience.

Vapor Production

Satisfying vapor production is a long shot with cheap e cigs because they aren’t likely to have adjustable options. You’re stuck with what they give you, and it’s probably not going to be great.

  • A good battery is essential, and you can’t expect much power or any sort of voltage control with a cheap device.
  • You also need a good atomizer for heat; cheap coil wire won’t create good vapor. Also, an over-the-counter device may not tell you the ohms resistance you’re getting let alone allow you to lower it for increased vapor production. Once more, you’re stuck.
  • Aside from not knowing everything in your eLiquid, having the right balance of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is fundamental to vapor production. If the device only comes with prefilled cartridges, you have no control and probably no idea of the percentages. You can buy juice separately if the device is refillable, but why put quality liquid in a cheap e-cig?

Most likely, you’re just going to be frustrated by poor vapor production with something cheap. Put the $10.00 toward a worthwhile device instead.

Customer Service

A convenience store clerk isn’t going to help you understand how to use your e-cigarette. There may be a phone number on the package, or a bargain website might list a help line, but it’s chancy. A company that sells cheap e cigs probably isn’t invested in offering good customer service.

Meanwhile, a dedicated vape shop will have knowledgeable employees who freely offer information. Plus, you know just where they are. A reputable online retailer presents a clear service policy, and they often allow open feedback and reviews, making it easy to learn how well they treat their customers.

Bottom line, save yourself several kinds of hassles and stay away from cheap e-cigs.

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