Refilling Green Smoke Cartomizers To Save Money

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Save money by refilling Green Smoke cartomizers

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes is arguably one of the best cig-a-like brands in the electronic cigarette market.  Many of you, including myself, have wasted money by throwing away our Green Smoke cartridges after they ran out of juice.  If you were smart, you saved them up and mailed them back to Green Smoke as part of their recycle program for points.  But did you know refilling Green Smoke cartomizers after the prepackaged eLiquid runs out is really pretty easy?  It also saves you a pretty penny.  You can probably get 7-14 refills out of them before the atomizer finally dies.

Refilling Green Smoke Cartomizers

Video provides a step by step instruction on how to re-fill your Green Smoke cartomizers.

You see, we discard the cartomizer because the eLiquid runs dry.  But the atomizers in these cartridges are still going strong.  It’s like throwing your car away because you ran out of gas.  So let me show you how to refill these Green Smoke cartridges so you can use them time and time again and save you some hard earned cash. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Just follow these easy steps or watch video above:

refilling green smoke cartomizers

A spent Green Smoke cartridge and a pick.

Your first step is to REMOVE the cartridge from the battery. Never attempt to refill your cartridge while still screwed in. Once that is done, the only tool you need is a thin pick or screwdriver that can fit in the inner hole of the mouthpiece portion of the cartridge (the opposite end from which you screw the cartridge to the battery).

refilling green smoke cartomizers

Wedge the pick in the hole to dislodge the cap.

Insert the tip of the pick or screwdriver into the mouthpiece hole and angle it so you can tug and pull the cap off while holding the cartridge. The best way to do this is by gently, but firmly, pulling and tugging the cap while rotating the cartridge. It may take a minute or two to dislodge the cap, so don’t get discouraged. Just keep rotating the cartridge 360° as you tug on the cap.

refilling green smoke cartomizers

How the cartridge looks with the end cap off.

Once you successfully remove the white end cap of your Green Smoke cartomizer, you will see another clear plastic inner cap inside the cartridge.

refilling green smoke cartomizers

Remove the clear inner plastic cap.

Gently remove the clear inner plastic cap using your pick or screwdriver.

refilling green smoke cartomizers

Add new eLiquid to the soft absorbent sponge.

Carefully add new eLiquid directly on to the soft absorbent sponge-like fabric inside the cartridge. Ensure you do not get any eLiquid inside the inner tube. It will leak out the bottom end and may damage your battery if not dried beforehand. Helpful tip: Use eLiquid that is similar in flavor as the original cartridge to get the best results. Adding grape flavored eLiquid to a Clove flavored cartridge may not taste too appealing.  I used NicQuid Apple Frost on this Green Smoke Menthol cartridge.

The fabric is very absorbent and can hold much more eLiquid than it looks.  If you fill it slowly, you may be able to add 1.0 to 1.5ml of fresh eLiquid.

Once this final step is completed reinsert the clear inner plastic cap and, finally, the white end cap to the cartridge.  You are now ready to vape an old Green Smoke cartomizer with fresh, new eLiquid!

Key Things to Remember 

  1. Unscrew the battery first.
  2. Older cartridges are less likely to absorb new eLiquid because they become brittle.  Use the freshly spent ones.
  3. Refill with similar flavored eLiquid as the original cartomizer.

If you are still a little confused and need more visual aids, please take a look at my video demonstration at the top of this page.

2016 Update

Folks, the atomizers in these cartridges last a long time.  I recently went on business travel and I brought my Green Smoke cig-a-like in case I ever needed to stealth vape.  But guess what?  I forgot to bring extra cartridges!  Believe it or not, I managed to use and refill my one and only Green Smoke cartridge for 2 1/2 weeks.  I used it predominately during business breaks during working hours (so about 4-5 hits per hour, 8 hours a day for 17 days).  That shows you how long these cartomizers last!

Have you tried refilling Green Smoke cartomizers by doing the steps above? Let me know how it worked for you by leaving a comment below.
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