Five Things You Need To Kick The Habit

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You Need These Things To Kick The Habit

Smokers have seen all the warnings and heard most of the statistics such as one in three smokers die of smoking-related illnesses. They have also endured the nagging of friends, family members and coworkers who have urged them to quit. When the time comes to make the first or hundredth attempt at quitting, it helps for smokers to have five things on their side to successfully in kick the habit.

kick the habit

To kick the habit, you need five essential things available to you. Image credit: Can Stock Photo.

Internal Desire

No amount of nicotine patches or fancy quit smoking tricks or aids will help unless there is a strong internal desire to quit smoking. Personal motivation is the first step. Many smokers begin with an external motivator. It may be to be around to see a child or grandchild graduate or get married. It may be to save the money spent on cigarettes. The best success is likely to be a simple self-centered desire to quit smoking because the smoker has decided to be in control rather than being controlled. The internal desire of taking control of the habit and cravings can become a powerful motivator. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Group Support

It is exponentially more difficult to quit if family, friends and coworkers are ambivalent about the smoker’s habit. There will be trying times when one kicks the habit of smoking. Those on a journey of quitting may become short-tempered and moody. It is of no help to have peers respond negatively with comments such as, “I liked you better before you quit.” It is also difficult to quit if a spouse or other family member in the same household is still smoking. Coordinating support before the quit date may improve the odds of success.

Redirection Aids

Chewing gum and hard candies help with the oral fixation of smoking. Sugarless gum is recommended to not add calories to the diet. Sugarless candies in moderation should not be an issue, but it should be realized that sugarless products are often sweetened with sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and xylitol that act as laxatives in larger doses. Adding the redirection aid of exercise can negate weight gain. Having healthy low calorie snacks that are crunchy can help with cravings. Carrot sticks and celery give the mouth a chewing workout that can redirect cravings.

Avoiding Behaviors That Trigger Cravings

Smoking is a social habit. Smokers gather in groups. Groups of smokers often follow the behavior of everyone lighting up at the same time after meals, coffee or when consuming alcohol, all of which are commonly associated with social encounters. There is a group of smokers who only smoke when they drink alcohol in a group setting such as a bar. There are also the private routines, especially upon rising from sleep, that trigger cravings. It may be the morning cup of coffee or the newspaper. Avoiding or altering trigger behaviors help to keep cravings under control.

Personal Rewards

One popular reward is to set aside the money saved on cigarettes to reach a financial goal to purchase a much wanted item that would otherwise not be in the budget. It is hard to rationalize the purchase of some items people want, especially when money is tight. However, a strong motivator to quit smoking is to set an attainable purchase goal for a desired item that one would not normally purchase or has delayed in purchasing. Choose something that can be attained quickly. With today’s cigarette prices, it does not take long to save a significant amount of money for a pack-a-day smoker.

Smokers should personalize the things that will motivate them to quit. Every person is different, and that is why no single quit smoking plan works for everyone. Most smokers admit that they did not succeed the first time they tried to quit, but they did reach a point where they were successful at quitting. This usually occurs when all of the needed support is in place to quit from personal desire to enjoying the rewards of quitting. No matter how long it takes, smokers should never stop trying to kick the habit until they no longer smoke.

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