Heat Not Burn Technology Takes Aim At Traditional Vaping

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It was recently announced that Big Tobacco giant Philip Morris International is in the process of developing its own e-cigarette devices. These devices use something known as heat not burn technology to produce vapor from real tobacco. PMI wants individuals to believe that this method will provide a more satisfying vaping experience and that the idea behind their platform is new. As is always the case with the tobacco industry, the devil is in the details.

What are Heat Not Burn E-cigs?

For starters, heat-not-burn e-cigs are so named because they propose to replicate smoking without the combustion of tobacco that is required by traditional cigarettes. As envisioned by Philip Morris and other tobacco companies, these e-cigs eliminate the use of e-liquid and replace it with real tobacco. The tobacco is then warmed with a heating element to produce vapor.

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Does this sound familiar? To the e-juice vaper, maybe not, but those who use dry herb vaporizers can tell you that their devices essentially do the same thing. Nothing about heat-not-burn tech is particularly proprietary, but the tobacco industry has asserted that their methods are unique. They’ve also been very clear about their goals in producing the devices.

How Heat-Not-Burn E-cigs Differ From Vaporizers

heat not burn

The Phillip Morris IQOS uses heat-not-burn technology. Image credit: pmi.com

PMI claims that heat-not-burn e-cigarettes are going to resolve a couple of key issues with vaporizers. The company claims that these issues are why more people are reluctant to abandon smoking for vaping. A closer examination proves that Philip Morris is either ill-informed or deliberately distorting some facts about vaping.

The company claims that vaporizers still don’t offer the satisfaction of a traditional cigarette. The hit is just not the same, they say. Well, few vapers are going to dispute that. It is different, but different does not equal less satisfying. Most vapers will agree that vaporizers are exceptional at efficient nicotine delivery that helps to curb their craving. As a matter of fact, certain studies have shown that nicotine delivery via a mod occurs at a slower rate than it does with a combustible tobacco product. Yet, vaping seems to be an effective alternative for many people. What PMI really seems to be saying here is that the tobacco industry is still number one at getting large levels of nicotine and harmful compounds into a person’s system quickly.

They also claim that vapor volume is a problem with vaporizers. The heat-not-burn e-cigarette produces vapor that is more akin to the smoke of a cigarette. It doesn’t create billowing clouds. You know, the kind of clouds that vapers actually have competitions over. If large amounts of vapor are problematic, why are sub ohm mods so popular among those who vape? Furthermore, the production of vapor is certainly tied to flavor. I want a bland e-liquid, said no vaper ever.

So, there you have Big Tobacco’s reasons for developing a heat-not-burn e-cig. It creates a more authentic smoking experience. When you read between the lines, what Philip Morris and other tobacco companies really want to do is find a way to stem the tide of individuals who now prefer vaping as an alternative. With more studies being released which support the claim that vaping can help people quit smoking, Big Tobacco is terrified.

Desperation Tactic or Legitimate E-cig?

Do you remember the craze over Blu E-Cigs? Television and print ads by famous people like Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy? No? That’s okay. You’re not alone. The once popular e-cigarette has sort of fallen out of vogue with the advent of modern vaporizers and sub tanks. Quite simply, the vaping industry evolved.

It really seems as though heat-not-burn e-cigs from Philip Morris are a desperation play. Big Tobacco seems to have chosen to join them rather than beat them…on their own terms, of course. There’s something about the development of these e-cigs that defies logic. If individuals still have such a love affair with tobacco, why are they divorcing it in droves?


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