My Health After Vaping For Four Years

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Reasons I Quit Smoking and Improvements in Health After Vaping

Occasionally I am asked if there has been any changes to my health after vaping for all these years.  You know I am a strong advocate for vaping, and I believe vaping has saved my life.  So I decided to include this topic on my website.

The Switch to Vaping

It was January 2011 when I smoked my last cigarette and started vaping. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

It all started when I noticed a female at a bar smoking what I thought was a bong.  After making an inquiry with her and getting some information, I was intrigued enough to give vaping a try.  She gave me directions to a Vape Shop and I bought my first e cig the following day.

health after vaping

Switching to electronic cigarettes probably added years to my life.

I transitioned through a variety of e cigs since that time.  I have tried Vapor Kings, Blu, Green Smoke and now I find myself using various mods and advanced e cigs such as the iStick or the Aspire Premium.  It was such a pleasure to be free of cigarettes that I became a passionate supporter of vaping.  So much so that I created this website you are on right now.

I have seen a number of changes to my health after vaping for four years.  All of which have been positive.  Some of you who have been vaping for a while have probably experienced similar changes, so this article is mainly geared to those just starting out or are thinking about switching to e cigs.

Morning Coughs

Now a thing of the past.  I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16 years old.  By the time I was in my thirties I would always have that morning smokers cough.  It would take about a minute or two to clear the gunk out of my lungs and throat before that cough would go away.  But it never failed that every morning this would be the routine.  After two weeks of vaping, this routine came to an end.  There is no morning cough and I breath much better.

Constant Upper Respiratory Infections

I always seemed to get this nasty infection at least once or twice a year.  This started the last three or four years I smoked and it was awful.  I would cough up some of the darkest brown or green phlegm when I had these infections.  It would take a good 2-3 weeks to get rid of it.  Most of the time I would have to take a few days off work because I felt so miserable.  I haven’t had an upper respiratory infection since January 2011.


As you can imagine, I wheezed a lot as a pack a day smoker.  Do I still wheeze today?  Yes, I do.  But it is much less and not as pronounced.  It may occur after a day of heavy vaping and it usually happens in the sitting position or when laying down.  It’s nothing like it used to be, though.

Future Goals

As you can see above, my health seems to have improved since switching to e cigs.  But I’m not a young pup anymore, so my next goal is to reduce the nicotine eLiquid content and increase my physical activity.  I always seem to accomplish more by taking a few positive steps at a time.  As long as you keep going in the right direction and not give up.

If any of you are concerned about the health effects of vaping, I hope my story convinces you that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking.  Ask any other Vaper and they will probably tell you the same thing.

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I started vaping in January 2011 and haven't had the desire to smoke a traditional cigarette since. It inspired me so much that I created this website to help others like me who want to quit smoking. I hope you enjoy the site and please leave a comment.

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