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Cosmic Fog Review: Reformulated with High VG

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Cosmic Fog e liquid is a user friendly, experience oriented company founded out of Orange County, California. Completely dedicated to perfecting every flavor, They work an average of 7-10 months on a single product. As if that weren’t an ample amount of time to attain perfection, Cosmic Fog eLiquid goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by having each flavor used by the mixers for weeks post development. They “firmly believe that if a product is not good enough for them to consider an exceptional all-day vape, it is most definitely not good enough for their customers.”

Cosmic Fog eJuice Review

I sample their juice line after they changed their formula to a 70% VG 30% PG blend. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
Cosmic Fog eJuice

Direct Vapor offers a low price guarantee. Should you find Cosmic Fog eJuice cheaper elsewhere, They will match that price or refund you the difference if you've already completed your purchase.

Cosmic Fog Review: Reformulated with High VG

Cosmic Fog boasts a selection of 7 individual juices:

Nutz is a wave of strawberry preserves and almond butter cresting into a mound of honey whipped cream.

A rich, melt-in-your-mouth medley of marshmallow, honey, and milk mesh creates Honey and Milk.

In juxtaposition, the French Crème brûlée inspired Sonset is flavored with Japanese Nashi pear purée and smooth, salted caramel.

If you are craving something brighter and citrus filled, Euphoria is the juice for you. With starbursts of sweet orange, zesty lemon, and wild blue berry, Euphoria is exactly the thing to satisfy your exotic sensibility.

With a lure of mystery and bite of sweetness, Kryptonite is sure to take down your current favorite vape with hints of cool melon and sugary candy. To me it tastes like a cross between cantaloupe and bubblegum.

Sonrise is a perfect, Hawaiian inspired blend of sunny passion fruit, kiwi, and tangy pineapple. Sun-ripened strawberries and a tropical fruit blend weave themselves with fresh lemonade into a shocking fabric of flavor.

For a warm summer day or just to mellow out, I recommend The Shocker, which tastes like unsweetened lemonade and by far my favorite.

cosmic fog eliquid review

Sonrise was one of the four Cosmic Fog eLiquid flavors I reviewed.

As well as The Lost Fog Collection:

To start with, Neon Creme is a proverbial rainbow of raspberry, orange, and lemon-lime combined with rich cream to create sherbet perfection.

Mixed with a HIGH VG base, Baie Creme is the silkiest, most blissful cloud of tart berries, whipped honey, and exotic passion fruit ever to caress your lungs.

In a simple, but refreshing blend of rich Greek yogurt and mountain grown Gaviota strawberries, Streek is an excellent vape lacking heaviness, providing an enduring, all day experience.

Cosmic Fog e Liquid has recently reformulated their line of vapes to a 70%VG/30%PG blend. Despite the warning at the bottom of their webpage saying that their products, “May contain substances that are harmful to your health if inhaled, such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetaldeyde, acetoin, formaldehyde and methyl glyoxal,” in a blog post, Cosmic Fog countered, “…none of Cosmic Fog’s e-liquids tested positive for diacetyl.” This seems like a bit of a contradiction, however, the company goes on to say that, “According to the Enthalpy test results, all Cosmic Fog e-liquids came back as NON DETECTABLE for diacetyl at the detection limit used.” So it is possible that while there may be a presence of these chemicals, it is low enough to not be harmful. Another questionable chemical is acetyl propionyl which is often used as a replacement substance for diacetyl due to its similar flavors, although, (and they freely admit this) not enough is known about it to decide whether it is a safer option or not. To date, the only juices containing acetyl propionyl are Milk and Honey and Nutz.

Overall, they are a trustworthy company that values product quality and customer satisfaction above all else- the perfect combination to enjoy a good vape.

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A Tasty Fog Maker

Cosmic Fog is a trustworthy company that values product quality and great customer service to create amazing eLiquids.

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