Signs That Your Child is Vaping Electronic Cigarettes

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Evidence that suggests your child is vaping

Vaping, as it is commonly referred to, is on the rise among teenagers. According to a study by Yale, one in four students in high school has tried e-cigarettes. Also, in a survey conducted in two middle schools, it was found out that 3.5% of the kids had tried e-cigarettes. As most parents know, E-cigarettes deliver nicotine through non combustion vapor, as opposed to traditional cigarettes.  Trying to determine if your child is vaping is a little more tricky than catching them smoking.Child is Vaping

In the past, parents would easily tell when their kids were smoking. However, it is nearly impossible to tell when their kids are vaping e-cigarettes as the vapor contains very little odor for the parents to catch on to. Also, no ashes or cigarette butts are left behind, making it very difficult to clearly ascertain that the child is using nicotine. For parents who are curious to know if their child is vaping, here are the signs to look out for. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

A sweet but unexplained scent

The vapor produced by e-cigarettes can be either odorless or scented. However, teenagers will mostly choose the e-cigarettes that produce scented vapor. The e-liquid comes in various flavors like bubblegum, chocolate, and watermelon, and is easily available online. So, if the parent catches a whiff of fruit, desserts or sweet aromas in the vicinity of the child, and there are no juice containers or other material to justify the smell, then this should raise some red flags.

child is vaping

Some electronic cigarettes look like pens.

Strange pen-like devices

E-cigarettes are designed to look like many things. From cell phones to pens, anything that will appeal to teenagers is on the table. For most teenagers, however, pens are the desired design choice. With nicknames like vape pens, these devices are very popular among teenagers. The brightly colored ones seem to entice these young kids. These devices can be plugged in and recharged like other gadgets at home. So, if any parent notices strange pen-like devices in the bedroom of their teenagers or on their person, this could be a clear indication of vaping.

Unfamiliar batteries in the bedroom or on a charger

child is vaping

Did you see any strange batteries?

E-cigarettes run on rechargeable batteries like most of the gadgets out there. So, after their use, they require recharging. Some require special chargers, which may be different to what one is used to seeing. These chargers are also available online and come in various sizes and designs. If a parent notices chargers or batteries in the children’s bedroom that cannot be explained or accounted for, then this would call for further investigation to ascertain if they belong to a vaping device.

Coils and Cotton

child is vaping

Do you see any of these laying around?

E-cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid containing nicotine that is taken in by the user to induce a high. Once the e-liquid is used up, the device can easily be refilled once the e-liquid has been bought. In the process of refilling, various materials such as organic cotton, empty plastic vials and/or thin metal wire or coils may be used. If any parent does come across such items, used or not, and the child cannot satisfactorily account for them, this could be a clear indication of vaping.

Discarded atomizers

child is vaping

Have you spotted small metal items like this in the trash?

Atomizers work on e-cigarettes by turning the liquid inside into vapor. Eventually the atomizers burn out and are thrown away. The presence of discarded atomizers is a clear indication of vaping. Parents should be on the lookout for this.

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