Bo One Vape Review: JUUL Alternative

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The Bo One Vape is a French designed pod system that is quickly becoming noticed worldwide. It is a sleek, well-designed device that provides an incredible throat hit and satisfying vapor production that is guaranteed to satisfy.

Bo One Vape

Bo One Pod System

The draw has more airflow than the JUUL or the Ply Rock Limitless, but it is a little noisier. Another great feature is that it contains more NicSalt vape juice than the JUUL. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Bo One Vape System

Bo One Vape vs Juul comparison

Bo One Vape

Direct Vapor offers a low price guarantee. Should you find a Bo One Kit at a lower price, they will match or refund you the difference.


Bo One Vape Review: JUUL Alternative

Bo One devices are available in the colors below:

bo one vape review

Five Bo One colors to choose from.

Bo One Kit and Specifications


Dimensions:101 mm x 16mm

Weight: 22 grams

Ceramic Coating

The kit includes:

  • Bo One Device
  • Magnetic Charger
  • 2 Pre-Filled Bo Caps
  • Bo Recharging Cable

Bo One safety features include:

  • Dry Hit Protection

Bo Caps

There are two pre-filled pods that come with the kit. The Bo Caps come in a separate box, which may be confusing since the Bo One device box lists two Bo Caps as being included. They are, but in a separate box that comes with the kit.

A close up of the top and bottom freshness seals for the Bo One pod.

Each pre-filled pod contains 1.5ml of NicSalt vape juice containing 35mg of Nicotine (3.5%). The coil resistance is not clearly stated but believed to be somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 ohms. The atomizers contain gold plated connectors.

Bo One has six flavors to choose from:

  • Fresh Cut Tobacco: Not Reviewed.
  • I See Mint Ice Menthol:  Reviewed.  Spearmint bubble gum and watermelon flavor.
    Our Rating
    65 %
  • Kiwiberries Ice:  Reviewed.  Kiwi and Blackberry flavor.
    Our Rating
    85 %
  • Fresh Mango: Not Reviewed.
  • Jelly Mixed Berries: Not Reviewed.
  • Apple Juice: Not Reviewed.

Bo One caps

In this review I vaped Wikiberries and I See Mint pre-filled pods

During this review, I tried the Kiwiberries and the I See Mint Ice Menthol flavors. They both had surprisingly great flavors. What I like about vaping this device is the strong, yet smooth throat hit. It is very reminiscent of smoking a cigarette. Each pod should last about 380 puffs. For heavy Vapers, this means each pod should last for most of the day. Replacement pods are not cheap. A pack of three currently costs around $20.00.

Can You Refill Bo Caps

Researching Bo Caps I noticed some pods had a refill port located on the top of each pod. However, the two pods included in this kit do not have that feature. It is possible that these sample pods simply don’t come built with the refill port or Bo Vaping redesigned the caps and removed the port. If you have purchased replacement pods for the Bo One, let us know if refill ports are still available for the Bo Caps. If not, there is a workaround and that is to pop off the bottom assembly containing the atomizer.

Hold the main pod upside down and refill each chamber about 3/4 fill with NicSalt vape juice. The bottom assembly will not fit snugly in place once it is popped off, so a drop of non-toxic glue on each side will be needed to secure it back in place. This may only work once or twice, but at least it will save $6-$12 dollars. If successfully reused, each Bo Cap pod be used up to 8x before the atomizer fails.  I recommend VGOD vape juice for any replacement NicSalt juice.

Bo One Battery

The Bo One magnetic charger is similar to that of the JUUL.

The Bo One battery is 380 mAh LiPo battery and a typical charge will last four to five hours for a heavy Vaper. There is a light indicator which informs the user about the remaining battery life. If it is blue, it is a full charge, white means a 50% charge and red means the battery is depleted. It takes approximately one hour to charge the battery with the magnetic USB charging port which is included in the kit. This charging port is very similar to the magnetic port found with the JUUL.

Bo Recharging Cable

The Bo One Vape charging cable allows for continuous use without worrying about the battery dying.

The batteries in these pod devices are small and full charge does not last all day. A really nice feature of the Bo Vape is that it has a recharging cable. This cable plugs directly into the bottom of the Bo One battery and a USB port. This allows the user to vape all day. This feature alone makes the Bo One stand out from most other pod devices.

Differences between Bo One Vape vs JUUL

The below comparison chart outlines the differences between the Bo One and the JUUL.

Features Bo One Kit Pax JUUL Kit
Price $39.99/Device w/2 Pods $49.99/Device w/4Pods
Pod Replacement Cost $19.99/3 Pods $15.99/4 Pods
Pod E Liquid Quantity 1.5ml 0.7ml
Charging Cable
Magnetic Charger
Refillable Pods
Facebook Comments
7.5 Total Score
A JUUL Alternative

Pod systems are quickly replacing cig-a-likes as the first device for smokers switching to vaping. They are also used by many Vapers sas a secondary device or for discreet vaping. The Bo One Vape is a high quality pod system that has many features not available with the JUUL.

  • Extremely well made
  • Excellent throat hit and vapor
  • Pods hold more NicSalt
  • Expensive Pods
  • Non-Refillable Pods
User Rating: 3.57 (7 votes)

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