Best Vape Tanks To Buy For 2017: Always Updated

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Our List of Best Vape Tanks of 2017 (So far!)

There is an ocean of options for different kinds of sub ohm tanks to consider investing in today. For both new and veteran members of the vape nation alike, it can be a bit challenging to make the call on what can be considered the best vape tanks when so many manufacturers make the same glowing claims. We’ve taken a look over many of the sub ohm tanks released throughout the year, and I have whittled the options down to what I personally believe are the best sub ohm tanks available. If you’re a true vaping aficionado, you know that you can’t just settle for any old thing. You need craftsmanship and performance. And that’s exactly what the following sub ohm tanks have to offer anyone who has the pleasure of using them. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

The TFV8 Cloud Beast

smok tfv8

About the SMOK TFV8
The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast is 25.5 mm x 50 mm, and it weighs 74 g and is made of stainless steel. The e Juice capacity with the T8-V8 is 5.5ml, and the T8-Q4 is 6.0 ml. This sub ohm atomizer features four patented turbo engines: V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), V8-Q4 (5.0T), and V8 RBA (4.0T-X). The turbo engines do the atomizer’s name justice with the generous cloud production they’re capable of. The design quality is exceptional and the cloud production is phenomenal. This tank is designed for high wattage devices that are 50W plus. The SMOK TFV8 is by far one of the best sub ohm tanks currently on the market.

  • Huge amounts of vapor
  • Exceptional coils
  • High quality design
  • Great airflow

  • Swivel top fill can be a nuisance
  • Rare spit backs


Aspire Cleito Tank

best vape tank

About the Aspire Cleito
The Aspire Cleito tank has a 22mm diameter and a 3.5ml tank capacity. This tank has been outfitted with a new coil that is intended to replace the standard chimney model. With the new coil, the airflow and vapor production of the tank are increased significantly. The full length coil design has a 25.5mm cross section airflow. The Cleito coil structures, featuring organic cotton, come in both 0.2 ohm and 0.4 ohm. The 0.2 ohm wattage is 55 to 70W, and the 0.4 ohm wattage is between 40 and 60W.

  • Generous airflow
  • Expanded flavor profile
  • Large vapor production
  • Top Filling

  • The 0.4 coil may be a bit cool for some users’ tastes


eLeaf iJust S

best vape tanks

About the eLeaf iJust S
The eLeaf iJust S tank is probably the most surprising entry for the best vape tank list. This tank is simple, easy to use, and highly affordable. After reviewing this tank a few months ago, I now realize that this has become my tank of choice for vaping. This is a no frills tank. There is no adjustable air flow, but the fixed air slot is perfectly set for a smooth, easy draw. The tank holds 4ml of vape juice and comes with one 0.3ohm Kanthal coil, which is great at the 30-45W level. But I suggest purchasing eLeaf’s ECL 0.18ohm coils which provide some sweet vaping at the 65-80W range.. All the coils available for the iJust S tank create intense, flavorful vapor and last about two weeks before I feel a need to swap them out for new ones.

  • Very affordable
  • Few moving parts
  • Great vapor production

  • No Adjustable Air Flow


Kanger ProTank 4

kanger protank 4

About the Kanger ProTank 4
The dimensions of the Kanger Protank 4 are 65.5mm x 22mm, with a 22mm diameter. The liquid capacity is a generous 5ml and the threading is 510. The tank features a pre-built and rebuildable SSOCC. The material is stainless steel and glass, and the wick is made of Japanese organic cotton. SOme features of the Protank 4 include side filling capability, a leak-proof tank design, a Delrin mouthpiece, and a removable 510 drip tip that can be used to adjust the airflow to suit your needs. There is a pre-installed Velocity-style RBA deck that comes with dual Clapton coils, along with a non-adjustable gold-plated 510 contact pin.

  • Top Side Refill
  • Above Ohm and Sub Ohm Ready
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Good eJuice Capacity

  • Build deck a little small
  • Top side refill is awkward
  • RBA posts may be pressed fit


Morpheus Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank

best vape tank

About the Mig Vapor Morpheus
The Morpheus tank has an e Liquid capacity of 3ml and uses OCC vertical coils. The tank features four fixed bottom air vents for easier draw. The specially designed mouth piece also comes with an adjustable airflow. The tank is a stainless steel design with a pyrex tank. The Morpheus tank kit comes with two sub ohm coils rated at 0.25 ohm and 0.4 ohm.

  • Excellent vapor production
  • Great coils
  • High quality design
  • Adjustable air flow control on drip tip

  • Fixed bottom airflow ring
  • Bottom fill tank


Each of the above are considered the best vape tanks in providing a very satisfying vaping experience.  They are arguable the best sub ohm tanks based on our experiences and the feedback received by vapers across the planet. When making the choice of which sub ohm tank to invest in, the determining factor will likely come down to just what your needs are for tank capacity and what wattage level your device is capable of producing. As long as your device can deliver 50W +, all the tanks listed above should work just fine.  But a word of caution, The SMOK TFV8 uses high wattage coils.  I suggest using it with a device that is rated above 100W.

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  1. Hi I bought a Kanger tech mini c subox as my first subohm device. The coils leaked. Got that fixed by watching YouTube. After the first coil every single one has burnt and even with a clean coil it gives off no taste. Wonderful vapor but no taste with any juice. I used the needle trick to loosen the cotton so my coils have stopped burning but still have no taste. I have ruthless ez does it ice, uncle junks Jon Wayne and several other high end juices that tasted wonderful with the original coil. My replacement coils are the exact same ones as the original. Can you tell me which tanks I can switch it out with? It says it uses a 510 thread but I have seen some state that it can’t be used with my mod. Unless the mod box itself would be causing this issue?.

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