5 Things You Can Do To Increase Atomizer Lifespan

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Easy Steps To Take to Increase Your Atomizer Lifespan

When it comes to vaporizers, atomizers are usually the first thing to fail. Atomizers can become clogged, dirty or simply fail at any time. Vaping at higher voltages can also lower its lifespan.  Without a properly functioning atomizer, your draw is reduced and your vaping experience is diminished. Some simple preventative maintenance maneuvers can increase the atomizer lifespan and save you a lot more money on vaping.

Below are some tips you can use to increase your atomizer life.

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1. Soak It in Hot Water

atomizer lifespan

Soak your atomizer in hot water.

Heat some water in either a pan or your microwave. Gently place the atomizer into the hot water. Simply dropping it could damage it. Use a spoon to place it into the water so you don’t get e Liquid on your fingers or burn yourself from the hot water.

You may want to move the water around with a spoon occasionally to make sure it’s properly soaking. Make sure to let it soak for at least 15 to 30 minutes. When that time is up, remove the atomizer and gently shake it to remove any of the excess water. Lastly, set the atomizer out to dry for several hours with the brass side up. Letting it dry over night may be an even better idea.

2. Keep the Voltage Low

The kind of voltage you use can also determine how long your atomizer lasts. One simple way to increase the life of your atomizer is to use lower voltages. Using 3.3V as opposed to 4.8V would certainly be a good idea.

3. Let It Drain

atomizer lifespan

After soaking your atomizer in hot water, let it air dry completely.

Another good tip that can increase the lifespan of your atomizer is to let it drain at least once a week. It is really easy to do. Just place it on a paper towel or napkin with the brass side up. Then simply let it sit like that for the next 24 hours. During that time period, gravity will slowly pull the liquid out from inside the cylinder. After that, simply reinstall the atomizer. However, since the liquid was drained out of the atomizer, you should give it at least ten minutes before you take your first draw.

4. Place it in Vodka

To use this tip, simply take your atomizer and dunk it into a bowl filled with vodka. Let it soak for at least one hour. If you have used your atomizer for a few weeks, this will do the job of helping break up the oxidation within the cylinder of the atomizer. After it has soaked long enough, just pull it out of the vodka and let it drain. It should then be left to dry for at least a day.

5. eLiquid Choice

Being more careful about how you use your eLiquid and what kind of eLiquid you purchase can also increase the life of your atomizer. High VG, which stands Vegetable Glycerin eLiquid can gunk up the atomizer. Instead, choose a higher PG, which stands for Propylene Glycol, eLiquid. Additionally, buying cheap e Liquids with questionable ingredients can also damage the atomizer.

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