Aspire Premium Kit Review – Innovative Vape Pen

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Testing the Aspire Premium Kit

It seems like e-cigarette features that were new and amazing just a few months ago have already become fairly standard. As such, the Aspire Premium Kit with Nautilus Mini Tank has lots of standard features. It also has a couple of things that are still pretty original: a Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) and ceramic wicking.

The unit is slick looking and is a little weightier than standard eGo styles, but it’s not as cumbersome as a mod. It’s an intermediate kit for anyone who wants increased control over their vaping experience. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Aspire Premium Kit Review

Detailed Aspire Premium Kit review using the Nautilus Mini and BVC coils.

The Kit

Mount Baker Vapor sells the Aspire Premium kit price for a reasonable $39.05. That price includes a bottle of e-Liquid in your choice of flavor, nicotine strength and PG/VG mix. The kit features:

  • 1 1000 mAh CF Variable Voltage (VV) battery with voltage range of 3.3-4.8V
  • 1 Nautilus Mini clearomizer tank
  • 5 BVC atomizer replacements at 1.6 ohm resistance
  • 1 Charger with USB connection
  • 1 Wall adapter
  • 1 Instruction Manual

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Aspire Premium Kit Review – Innovative Vape Pen

The Standard Stuff

aspire premium kit

The adjustable voltage setting on the Aspire CF VV+ 1,000 mah battery is clearly visible.

Nautilus Mini Tank: Made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel, this tank has 2 mL capacity and easy-to-read, graduated markings. The mouthpiece is a removable, stainless steel drip tip, and the tank has airflow control with four adjustable ports that let you find just the right balance of vapor quantity, warmth and draw effort.

CF VV+ Battery: Variable voltage is almost expected these days, and Aspire meets that demand. Along with printed voltage readings, distinctive ring clicks make it easy to determine each setting. Steel endpoints and floating spring connectors that don’t compress with repeated use ensure strong contact with the tank. The battery accepts both eGo and 510 threaded tanks, and it also has carbon-fiber coating for added durability.

USB Charger/Wall Adapter: The Aspire Premium Kit comes with a standard USB charger and an attachable wall adapter. However, it doesn’t allow pass-through use since the charger attaches to the 510 connector.

The New Stuff

aspire premium kit

The adjustable airflow ring of the Aspire Nautilus Mini is visible on the right.

BVC Atomizer: Bottom-coil atomizers are known for producing great flavor and vapor because the wick stays wet without tilting. Yet a small bit of fiber placed within a horizontal coil can still produce dry hits and burned taste. The BVC atomizer has a thick layer of material wrapped around the vertical coil to keep the liquid flowing, and the design also minimizes or eliminates the gurgling that some clearomizers produce.

Ceramic Fiber: Although Aspire advertises no wick in the Aspire Nautilus Mini, what they mean is that it’s not standard polyfill. The ceramic material can handle hotter temperatures, which allows higher voltages and improved vapor without burning. Most users report noticeable increases in flavor and vapor along with near elimination of dry hits with the BVC, ceramic-fiber combination.

Possible Drawbacks

One drawback that some users noted was short battery life. If you regularly turn up the voltage, it’s logical that battery life decreases. Still, some users might prefer a more powerful battery.

aspire premium kit

The Aspire BVC 1.8 Ω atomizer creates some rich flavor and abundant vapor.

Another concern involves the ceramic wick. Although there’s a fine-mesh screen between the material and the e-Liquid, some users are concerned about inhaling bits of fiber.

One demonstration showed the dry fiber clearly shedding particles. However, another one showed the wet fiber after heavy use, and the material appeared to remain intact without shedding. The caveat is that it would be difficult to visually detect the loss of tiny particles from the total size.

In response to concerns, Aspire released a public report stating that the wick material is made from safety-tested bio-ceramics. Similar materials are frequently used in medical procedures, such as joint replacements. They’re considered biocompatible, but Vapers will have to decide if this unit is right for them. Most people report high satisfaction with the Aspire Premium Kit.

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$35.14 $39.05

Aspire Premium Kit Review – Innovative Vape Pen
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6.5 Total Score
A Good Investment

The Aspire Premium Kit with Nautilus Mini Tank has many standard features. Additional features include Bottom Vertical Coils (BVC) and ceramic wicking.

  • Great price for such high quality
  • Rich flavor and abundant vapor from BVC atomizers
  • No Pass-Through
  • Tight fit for bottom hardware due to silicon seal.
User Rating: 3.43 (7 votes)

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