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VaporFi e Liquid Review + Huge 12% Discount Link!

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I have tried a lot of e Juices over the years.  I can comfortably say that VaporFi e Liquid has probably been the most regular juice I have vaped.  I fell in love with the Miighty Menthol Triple Shot about three years ago and I have been using it ever since. Its perfect as a flavor enhancer to various other e juices I vape throughout the week.

Please keep in mind  that this is strictly a VaporFi e juice review. Read the VaporFi Review if you are thinking about making a purchase of one of their starter kits or mods. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

VaporFi e Juice Review

My VaporFi Grand Reserve review covers four flavors and general info on their eJuice.

Introducing VaporFi e Liquid

The quality of the packaging was our first indicator that this would be a good product.  The two 30 ml bottles were individually sealed in a plastic wrap, ensuring freshness. The 30 ml plastic bottles were clearly labeled with the nicotine strength and ingredients.  The applicator comes to a needle nose which makes it easy to use when refilling a cartomizer.  In other words, no spills!

vaporfi e liquid

A selection of e Liquid flavors I have in my collection.

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VaporFi e Liquid Review + Huge 12% Discount Link!
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My Thoughts: I ordered two 30 ml VaporFi e juices to test for our review.  The VaporFi flavors I purchased were American Red Tobacco and Menthol Freeze.  The first sample was the Menthol Ice.  The menthol flavor was a little more subtle than what I was used to.  Green Smoke and Vapor King menthol, which I have used in the past has an icier taste.  Don’t think of this as a negative, since some people don’t like strong menthol.  If you want that true menthol taste, I suggest the Menthol Freeze Triple Shot.  It has the strongest menthol I have tasted yet.  You’ll feel like your in the arctic circle after vaping this one.

I was pleasantly surprised with the American Red Tobacco.  I was expecting a Marlboro flavor, but I tasted a hint of fine Cuban cigar instead.  I actually think I like it more this way.  It  has a very refined flavor.  In both cases the vapor production was fantastic and the throat hit was satisfying.  The PG/VG ratio of these E Liquids is perfectly balanced.

Flavors:  VaporFi e Juice can be found with every flavor imaginable.  Seriously, if you don’t believe me just take a look here.  You can find everything from Pear Cosmopolitan to Amaretto Sunrise.  You name the flavor, they have it.  I personally prefer the traditional flavors, so I was happy to see a wide variety of tobacco and menthol flavors that suited my taste.  Just visit their Tobacco and Menthol Flavors category if you also prefer traditional cigarette flavors.  What makes VaporFi stand out from the rest of the pack is their ability to do custom blending with the flavors of your choice and ship them directly to you in a 30 ml bottle.  You can blend up to three VaporFi flavors to create a truly unique taste.  Take for instance their Strawberry and add their Cheesecake.  You now have an instant Strawberry Cheesecake blend!  The choices are endless…well, maybe not.  VaporFi states publicly on their website that you are limited to about 30,000 flavor combinations.  Brilliant!  Take a look at this screenshot of the VaporFi website which allows you to mix flavors for your own unique blend.

vaporfi e juice

You can blend almost 30,000 flavors with VaporFi E Liquid.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Line

Make sure you check out their Grand Reserve line of premium eLiquid.  I review four out of the six flavors in the video above.

You can pick the following nicotine strengths: No Nicotine (0%), Ultra Light (0.6%), Light (1.2%), Regular (1.8%), Full Flavor (2.4%), and Bold (3.6%).

Choosing Nicotine Strength: If you’re new to vaping, you might wonder what nicotine strength to choose from VaporFi’s various options. Finding the right level might take some experimentation, but the best choice is usually to start right around where you were as a smoker. VaporFi’s Light, Regular and Full Flavor nicotines are roughly equal to similar types of cigarettes. Naturally, Ultra Light and Bold take things a step further in each direction.

If you smoked regular cigarettes and want a stronger experience, try the 2.4-percent Full Flavor rather than skipping right to the 3.6-percent Bold to avoid being overwhelmed. Likewise, if you’re trying to quit nicotine altogether, doing so one level at a time gives you a better chance for success.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might try experimenting with different nicotine strengths along with your custom flavor blends. VaporFi lets you choose the nicotine level for each flavor you include.

vaporfi eliquid

Grand Reserve flavors I tried.

Storing Liquid: Once you’ve started experimenting with VaporFi’s many wonderful flavors or ventured into custom blends, you may wonder about storing the vials. These are high-quality products with natural ingredients, and they have a shelf life. Don’t worry; with the right conditions, you can keep your e-liquids for as long as two years.

Basically, you’ll want to protect your products from sunlight and keep them in cool conditions. People have wine cellars for similar reasons, and a cellar is ideal for e-liquid too. If a cellar or basement isn’t an option, a cabinet at room temperature (65 to 72 F) works fine. Some people refrigerate or even freeze e-liquid, but VaporFi doesn’t recommend it because it can change the flavor. If you do keep e-liquid chilled, let it reach room temperature before using it.

Buying in bulk or using certain flavors infrequently may mean keeping liquids longer than a month. In that event, consider transferring e-liquids from porous plastic to airtight, tinted-glass bottles for storage as noted above. Small, inexpensive bottles, including some with droppers, are available online or in health-type stores that sell essential oils. You can easily attach a sticker or label to identify the contents.

Ingredients:  VaporFi e Juice is made in the USA in an FDA registered food and tobacco lab.  The ingredients include USP certified Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade Nicotine (if purchasing e Liquid with Nicotine), Natural and Artificial Flavors.  VaporFi states their glycerin comes from Malaysian palm and is free of peanuts.  They are also proud to say their juice is rated above food grade because it was specifically designed to be inhaled.  We recommend you shake the 30 ml bottle well before using any flavored e Liquid.  This will ensure you get the best taste possible out of your e Juice.

Home Delivery Program

VaporFi  E Liquid is a high quality product and chances are you will use it regularly with your electronic cigarette or mod. If so, I strongly urge you to join the VaporFi Home Delivery Program. After joining the Home Delivery Program, you have the option to have VaporFi E Liquid mailed directly to your house. You just set the frequency and the quantity. You also get included in private sales events for members and enjoy an additional 10% off on your E Liquid purchase price. The best part is that you can cancel at any time. But I don’t think you will want to!

Why Should You Use VaporFi

  • All VaporFi e Juice formulas are FDA registered.
  • eLiquid flavorings are specifically made to be inhaled.
  • They use top rated Glycerin.
  • They use the purest available nicotine.
  • Their lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.
  • eLiquids are Diacetyl-Free

Have you tried VaporFi e Liquid? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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Rainbow of Flavors

Some great eLiquid flavors coming out of VaporFi. My favorite - Might Menthol Triple Shot! If you want serious menthol, look no further than this. Guaranteed to cool you down to a chilly 20°.

User Rating: 3.06 (34 votes)

Jim H

I started vaping in January 2011 and haven't had the desire to smoke a traditional cigarette since. It inspired me so much that I created this website to help others like me who want to quit smoking. I hope you enjoy the site and please leave a comment.

  1. Hi Renee. Everybody has their preferences. Luckily there are a ton of brands out there to test out. But if you like Menthol, I suggest giving the VaporFi Mighty Menthol (Triple Shot) a try. I have yet to find a Menthol that rocks like this one does. I have a subscription for that flavor and get it delivered monthly 🙂

    • Vapor Fi just “reformulated” some of their most beloved flavors with NO notice to customers. The reformulated products are disgusting and customers are not covered by the refund policy. The bait & switch was done over a huge holiday sale so customers like myself who stocked up are stuck with hundreds of dollars of foul, unusable juice. Vapor Fi will not honor their guarantee saying that taste is subjective. Its not subjective to expect that when I order a product, I get the same product that I’ve been ordering monthly for 2-3yrs, not a completely different product labelled as mine.

      Lousy practices, lousy service at premium prices.

  2. They don’t put the names of the flavors on the bottle which is unbelievable so I have no idea what I’m using.

    • They usually have it on a sticker on the bottom of the bottle. Does yours not have one?

      • Ah thank you, I totally missed that. It has the flavors that make up the overall flavor,not the flavor itself but I can at least identify it based on those flavors I suppose.

  3. If you are unsure which flavors to get you can also try Vaporfi 10ml e-liquid sampler 3-pack. You can choose 3 custom blends in three smaller 10ml bottles. The sampler pack is good if you are not sure what flavors to choose.

  4. i purchased the Reserve Moroccan Gold flavor with 1.8 nicotine level. I was not wowed by it. I found it to be somewhat bland and it produced not as much vapor as i have become accustomed to. I will try another flavor before i give up on the vaporfi brand all together. Its kind of hard to order online these day with all the vape shops that keep popping up all over my home city. So far my favorite brand and flavor has been Zurros Milk Special Reserve. I find it to be all together perfect. Any idea which vaporfi product would mimic that flavor? Thanks for the site by the way, I enjoy and rely on people like you to give me and educated guess on what to invest what little money i have on my vape hobby.

    • Hi Kevin. I appreciate the candid review. I’m not sure what flavor VaporFi has that would mimic Zurros. They have so many out there as it is. If you’re happy with Zurros, then I would just stick with them. The only eLiquid I regularly get from VaporFi is the Menthol Freeze Triple Shot. I haven’t found another menthol eLiquid that even comes close.

  5. I purchased a sampler pack and two other e-liquid items (total of about $60 worth). These were my first orders from VaporFi. Every one of the e-liquids left a perfume-like after taste. since there were several items and they all tasted that way, I’m assuming all of their items taste awful

  6. While I find some of vaporfi’s reg flavors so so I have always been super satisfied with both reserve lines esp Moroccan gold and pineapple pow, which are always in my rotation. Everyone has a different palette and finding new and enjoyable flavors is part of the fun imo. And on to the main reason for this post just wanted to say keep up the great work Jim. My wife and myself love your vidoes and give alot of credit your way for helping us quit smoking.

  7. This is the worst liquid I tried, it tast chemical!

  8. Avatar
    Sarah Justine Hunt August 12, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Unfortunately the folks at Vaporfi have changed their e-liquid formula, serious degrading the quality of the product. Been a loyal purchaser for about a year and the last batch I received was awful. Called in and after chatting with a sales rep who insisted “it just needs to steep”, they (reluctantly) admitted the formula changed. Disappointing, order with caution from now on.