Vaping Culture Hubs in the United States

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Places in America that Embrace the Vaping Culture

The vaping community has evolved in recent years to create its own colorful, vibrant culture that reflects a laid-back lifestyle and an appreciation of life’s pleasures. Vaping has become suffused with its own attitudes, music, and personal tastes. Throughout the country, there are some areas which stand tall above the rest as hubs of vaping culture.

vaping culture

As the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow, Vapers are developing their own communities and culture.

Vaping in Southern California

It should come as no surprise that Southern California was embraced early on by those who vape. The easy-going vibe of Cali is perfectly suited to the modern Vaper. The “Do Your Own Thing” attitude of the Golden State has been thriving since the Summer of Love when hippies congregated in the Haight-Ashbury. Some might even contend that Vapers are the state’s modern Flower Children, embracing a carefree attitude and respecting the rights of others to do what makes them feel good. There is little in California to kill the vaping vibe. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
vaping culture

Los Angeles, CA skyline.

Southern California is home to a vast number of vaporizer and e-juice manufacturers. It also helps that California tends to reflect a liberal political philosophy. Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Fienstein have been firmly entrenched for decades and are known for championing the rights of California citizens to make their own lifestyle choices.

Music has always been huge in Southern California, and many popular musicians can be numbered among vaping enthusiasts. Some musicians like Dave Navarro have even become advocates in an effort to support vaping as a useful alternative to tobacco use. A lot of Vapers love rock and rap, so the strong live music scene in California and vaping go together like a hand and glove.

Vaping in Virginia Beach

You might not expect a state that is known for its association with Big Tobacco to be a hub of vaping culture, but Virginia is home to one of the strongest vaping communities in the United States. The climate and beautiful countryside make Virginia one of the best places to enjoy a designer e-juice blend. There are many local vape shops which specialize in high-end mods, tanks, e-juices, and accessories.

vaping culture

Virginia Beach, VA

The Daily Caller named Virginia Beach as the top city for vaping in the United States. A big reason for this is that Virginia does not impose a state tax on liquid nicotine and has no statewide vaping bans aside from the use of vaping devices on public transportation. Individual businesses are free to establish their own policies regarding the use of e-cigarettes, and most are Vaper friendly.

Vaping in Arizona

According to, a website that ranks the suitability of each state to the vaping lifestyle, Arizona gets high marks across the board. Both Tuscon and Phoenix rank as great places to vape thanks in large measure to no tax on e-cigarette products. Arizona also imposes no specific regulations regarding the use of e-cigarettes and allows businesses to permit vaping at their own discretion.

vaping culture

Phoenix, Arizona

Another reason Arizona is a hub of vaping culture could be the vibrant nightlife of Phoenix and other cities. Vapers tend to be social creatures, and there is no shortage of clubs and other gathering spots in Phoenix. There are many fine restaurants and entertainment venues that welcome Vapers with open arms.

While the climate of Arizona can be temperamental to say the least, kicking back in the desert night with the glow of city lights on the horizon meshes well with the vaping vibe. There are also plenty of local e-juice manufacturers that create boutique blends which often reflect the unique tastes of the American Southwest.

Many of those who enjoy vaping will tell you that it’s all about the total experience. Being in the right place and right frame of mind are hallmarks of today’s Vaper. The hubs of vaping culture tend to be places where life moves just a little bit slower and residents take time to savor their indulgences.


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