Vaping Alcohol – What’s the Hype in this new Trend?

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There’s a new trend in vaping and it has nothing to do with electronic cigarettes or nicotine. Forget about tasty e-juices and fancy mods. Instead of throwing back shots or sipping on a cocktail, more and more people are choosing to consume alcohol in the form of vapor. Any type of spirit with a high alcohol content is fair game, and party-goers are embracing the fad. However, there is some cause for concern in vaping alcohol.

If you haven’t yet heard of this or just aren’t really into inebriation, there are sure to be a few questions running through your mind. If you’re a vaping enthusiast who enjoys alcohol, you might be wondering if this type of vaping is for you and how you can get started. Either way, we’ve laid it all out for you to answer all of these questions and more. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
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Why Are People Vaping Alcohol?

There are a variety of reasons some people are choosing to vape alcohol. A lot of people are drawn to it simply because it’s novel and exciting. It offers something different from the norm and everyone loves to try the latest new thing out there, whether it’s a techno gadget or a different way to get drunk.

It’s also easy to be drawn to those seductive swirls of vapor that are produced when alcohol is being consumed in this manner. While college kids and boundary-pushing adolescents are among those most drawn to the concept of vaping alcohol, it appeals to anyone who wants to lose (or maintain) weight as well. Vaping is a way to experience all the effects of alcohol without consuming massive amounts of empty calories.

Years of excessive drinking often leaves alcoholics with damaged stomach lining that makes it painful to continue drinking. It is for this reason that alcoholics may find vaping a particularly enticing method of consumption. Vaporized alcohol is a way to get drunk while completely bypassing the digestive tract.

How is Alcohol Vaping Done?

Vaporizers for alcohol range from bulky, stainless steel commercial devices to simple do-it-yourself methods.

The simplest DIY methods include dropping carbon dioxide pills into containers of alcohol and pouring alcohol over dry ice. As the vapor is produced, it’s inhaled either directly or through a straw.

Another method involves the use of a bicycle pump and a corked bottle of alcohol. The needle of the bike pump is poked through the cork, air is pumped into the bottle and the resulting vapor is inhaled.

Vaportini is a system that can be purchased online. It involves the use of a pint glass, a metal ring, a tea light candle, and a glass orb with a straw. While that might sound a bit unusual, it actually creates a beautiful effect (and gets the job done, too).  Vapshot is another alcohol vaping system you can buy online.

Key Benefits of Vaping Alcohol

In addition to the reasons previously mentioned in regards to why exactly people are choosing to consume alcohol in this manner, there are some key benefits that add to its appeal. First and foremost, when users inhale alcohol vapor, the effects can be felt instantly.

As the vapor enters the lungs, it moves directly into the bloodstream and the brain, which means that vaping gets you drunk very, very quickly. With this delivery method, the alcohol isn’t metabolized because it completely bypasses the stomach and liver. As a result, the alcohol doesn’t lose any of its potency.

Negative Effects of Vaping Alcohol

Alcohol poisoning and even death are very real risks with vaping. By bypassing the digestive tract, those who vape are not able to vomit when they’ve overdone it. When you vomit after excessive drinking, that’s your body’s way of expelling the dangerous and toxic substance you’ve been enjoying a little too much.

Vaping is still in its infancy and there will be much more information available in the future regarding its negative effects. However, doctors and research scientists have acknowledged that vaping alcohol is damaging to the lungs and nasal passages.

Even with the limited information available in terms of long-term health risks and the damaging effects of vaping alcohol, one thing is already clear; the risk is worth more than the reward in this particular instance.

If the concept of vaping alcohol peaks your interest, give it a try. However, we recommend keeping your vaping adventure limited to just one or two small draws. Then, order up your favorite cocktail and enjoy unlimited vaping with your favorite electronic cigarette and e-juice. Your body will thank you for it.

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