Vape Master- The First Vaping Video Game

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Just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes Vape Master. That’s right. The first vaping video game is now available for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. As you might expect, Vape Master serves up a tongue-in-cheek celebration of vaping culture and the unique personalities that make it go. Believe it or not, some critics are already proclaiming it as a valid candidate for Game of the Year.

All About Vape Master

Vape Master is one of the latest releases from Play!Chocolate Games. The company has gained a following by introducing games like Wonder Defender and Lost Astronaut. The offerings from Play!Chocolate all tend to have a whimsical element that encourages lengthy gaming sessions as players try to complete tasks and earn coins or new items. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
vape master video game

A screen shot from the Vape Master Video Game.

In Vape Master, players take on the role of a super-cool vaper who’s main ambition in life is to vape it up anywhere and everywhere. With the aid of a vape cannon, the game’s hero goes about filling up the local bar, theater, and even an entire stadium with vapor. Players must time the length of their inhale and exhale at just the right moment to achieve the biggest clouds. Poor timing means having to cough out the vapor, and that’s just bad form.

Players must also evade a security guard who intends to put a stop to all this vaping nonsense. As levels are passed and new vaping opportunities are unlocked, coins are earned that can be traded in for bigger and better mods. Players can also purchase hats, beards, and a variety of other items to customize their vaper. It is even possible to compete against friends to see who will reign as the one true Vape Master.

The game is free to download or play online. Like many games these days, however, “free” is a subjective term. To obtain the coolest mods and accessories, players will need to fork over some money for coins. Vape Master was released on January 5th and has become one of the top downloads from Play!Chocolate.

How Good is Vape Master?

TouchArcade, a popular review site for mobile video games, went so far as to proclaim that Vape Master is the first game to emerge as a Game of the Year candidate. We probably wouldn’t go that far, but it is an entertaining diversion that will provide hours of fun for vapers.

With that being said, the game is dominated by stereotypes that some vapers may find objectionable. For starters, pretty much every vaper character in the game looks like either Tommy Chong or Shaggy Rogers. That’s cool, but think about the vapers you know. Do all of them look like that? Of course not.

The Dubstep soundtrack of the game is dated. Wait. Scratch that. It’s annoying. Vapers love their music, to be sure, but it seems like licensing more modern sounds would have been a better way to go. If we’re being completely honest, the soundtrack is the one element of the game that had the power to make us turn it off.

There really is no discernible story to the game. You just vape. Evading the security guard adds a fun element, but even that gets a little stale after a while. At the very least, the developers could have given the security guard a creative and cool name. Something like Foster Dean Adams. Get it?

Despite its shortcomings, the game is a tad compulsive. That’s its saving grace. What self-respecting vaper wouldn’t be consumed by trying to complete missions so they could build a bigger mod? Those who play against their friends will get caught up in constructing the best rig.

If you vape, you’ll love Vape Master. If not, it will probably leave you cold. We’re guessing you’re in the first category if you’re reading this review. In that case, vape on, and may the clouds be ever in your favor.

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