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Tesla Invader 3 Review – No Frills – Pure Power

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No Frills.  Just Pure Power

The Tesla Invader 3 box mod is the ideal balance between aesthetics, high power, and ergonomics. Because of its capability to generate 240 watts, this box mod does not have a problem pairing a resistance as low as 0.1Ω. Featuring three high-tech finishes, this Tesla beats up the competition to emerge as one of the best. It utilizes dual batteries in a series and a complex proprietary chipset to produce high power, to guard against short-circuiting as well as reverse connections to enhance a perfect vape experience.

DirectVapor.com Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Tesla Invader 3

The Tesla Invader III is a 240W sub ohm box mod that can fire coils as low as 0.1Ω.

Tesla Invader 3 Specifications

tesla invader III

The Tesla Invader III has advanced proprietary circuitry and multiple safety features.

  • 240w Adjustable Box Mod: With a complex Tesla proprietary chipset, you will get instantaneous feedback once you fire the box mod. Using dual 18650 batteries (not included) in the form of series arrangement, you can generate a power of up to 240 watts. If you are utilizing a higher power battery, the power can exceed the 240 watts.
  • Structure Design: The device is configured in a stylish and ergonomic design to enhance an ideal vape experience. This Tesla is a beast that you cannot afford to ignore. It’s perfect for those who like to use low resistance RDAs as well as low resistance coils and tanks with a lot of airflow.
  • Potentiometer: The Tesla Invader III also includes the Potentiometer Control Knob for voltage regulations. This dial can be rotated from I to V depending on the voltage requirement you want. On the other hand, the voltage range on this box mod is 3.6-6.6V.
  • The Blue Light: When you fire the device the blue light will be activated. Errors such as reaching the vape cutoff, low battery voltage, or short-circuiting will cause the blue light to flash.
  • Ideal for Hi-Watt Coils: This box mod is perfect for all atomizers, ranging from sub-ohm tanks that need high wattage to the Vapers who are just interested in making serious clouds. Besides, any 22 to 24mm atomizer can fit in well on this particular mod.
  • Hi-Tech Composite Finish: You can get the Tesla in three colors (black, blue, and the stainless steel) and two high-tech finishers. The stainless steel color entails a complex vacuum +drawbench UV craft to enhance a scratch resistance finish. On the other hand, the black and blue colors involve a premium high-temperature finish that gives a glossy shine.
  • Magnetic Cover: The Tesla Invader III utilizes a uniquely designed magnetic cover that makes it easy to swap out the batteries when they need to be recharged. This particular magnet is strong enough to make it difficult for the cover to come off accidentally.
  • Tesla Invader 3 Starter Kit: There are two unique packages for the device. The starter kit contains two drawer compartments that have the mod and the extra parts. On the other hand, the body package entails the mod and the vertical stand on which you display the device.

Buy the Tesla Invader III

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Tesla Invader 3 Review – No Frills – Pure Power

Tesla Invader III Safety Features

tesla invader 3

The Tesla Invader III has a magnetic panel to easily swap out the batteries.

The Tesla Invader III box mod offers a variety of safety features:

  • Low Voltage
  • Reverse Protection
  • Over Vaping
  • Short Circuit
  • Over Heating
  • High Current

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High Power Technology

The Tesla Invader III provides over 240W of cloud making power. It's proprietary circuitry, low cost and exceptional workmanship makes it a must have for sub-ohmers!

  • Advanced Circuitry
  • Unbelievable Power
  • Easy Battery Access
  • Ease of Use
  • Potentiometer difficult to adjust
  • No USB input
  • Batteries not Included
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