TCR Mode in Vape Devices

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TCR Mode in Vape Devices Assigns Different Values for Different Coils

What Does it All Mean and Why Should You Be Aware of It?

Although the newest vaping devices can be a bit complicated with the technical details about the coils and the temperature or a myriad of other things, there is a way to sort through it all. Now vaping has enhanced the jargon obstacle course by adding something new to learn: TCR Mode. But exactly what is TCR mode? Well, TCR stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. It relates to the resistance and corresponding heat of a particular type of alloy used in a coil. Less resistance translates into more heat, faster. The type of alloy used in the coil determines the relationship between the resistance and potential heat. Different TCR values must be assigned for different types of coils. This is mainly to keep you and your device safe.

tcr mode

Use the TCR mode on your device when using unique coils.

TC or Temperature Control has allowed Vapers to more accurately control their vaping experience. When you change the temperature, the juice usage, vapor creation, battery life and heat of inhale can all be controlled far more accurately. Now that we have the ability to control the temperature, we have new options. Manufacturers have created new lines of coils and accessories. Temp control has generally been regarded as a positive improvement for vaping. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

TCR, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance makes things more complicated – sort of. Ok, I realize the word coefficient may or may not have caused blood to spurt from your nose, and I apologize. You might need a whole set of electrical engineering charts to fully understand TCR, but we probably don’t have to go that far.

This article will attempt to explain these concepts in very simple terms.

Understanding Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

I’ll quote directly from Wikipedia “Temperature Coefficient”:

A temperature coefficient describes the relative change of a physical property that is associated with a given change in temperature.


TCR Mode

What is TCR Mode? The scientific answer may leave you scratching your head.

Don’t freak out or panic. Even if the terminology gets technical. Fortunately, manufacturers did most of the real work in advance when they built your mods and pre-packaged coils. If you’re the DIY type, you probably at least know vague guides on how hot certain coils can get.

TCR Simplified

A simple explanation of Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is that, as noted, different materials can handle different heats at different electrical resistance. Most of the vaping world already has a vague sense of ohms and temperature control. TCR mode blends the two concepts into safety guidelines to keep people from damaging their equipment.

For example, if you have a Joyetech temp control device that has temp settings and guidance for SS 316 coils, using a SS 316 presents no unique challenge or additional considerations. Similarly, Ni and Ti settings are almost always the exact same.

What are the TCR Settings for Coils

Where does TCR mode come into play, then?  Using the TCR mode settings allows people to use coils not inherently supported by their current device. If you have a mod preset for SS 316 but you are using a SS 304 coil, you would need to utilize the TCR mode to fine tune the temperature control setting for the SS 304 coils.

There are a number of useful resources online to assist you with finding TCR setting for your particular coil. A highly recommended online app that you can use to best modulate your coils to the proper value can be found here.

For more common coils, use the diagram below.

TCR Values For Common Coils

Coil Type Minimum TCR Value Maximum TCR Value
SS316 0.00060 0.00150
Ti 0.00350 0.00370
Nife 0.00391 0.00550
Ni200 0.00570 0.00700


So, in short, staying within the comfortable confines of pre-packaged coils and mods should present no need to know any of the TCR values, as the engineers who built your equipment would have already pre-built them into the system.

If you’re going to be going outside the standard usages of your mod and coil, however, knowing TCR of the coils you are using can keep you from damaging your equipment or harming yourself.

So, there it is, TCR in a nutshell. By now the blood should have stopped gushing out of your nose and you should stop feeling lightheaded within a few hours.

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