Sub Ohm Vaping Chart of Ohm’s Law Reference Chart

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This Ohm’s Law Sub Ohm Vaping Chart is merely a written representation of Ohm’s Law for those of us who sub-ohm vape. The figures generated are taken directly from the Ohm’s Law Calculator.

Most charts provide voltage, resistance and wattage.  In this chart, I wanted to include amperage.  Amperage is probably the most important thing to consider when sub-ohm vaping.  The reason is simple – If the battery exceeds the amp limit, it may vent dangerous chemicals – or even worse – explode.  None of us want that to happen.  I suggest this Sub Ohm Vaping Chart to be just one of the items you use to research whether you are vaping at safe levels.  If you’re using RBA’s PLEASE ensure you’re vaping at a level your 18650 battery (batteries) can handle! Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

About The Sub Ohm Vaping Chart

Obviously some areas in this chart are unreachable with our current vaping technology.  They were merely included to cover the entire spectrum and obviously for aesthetics.  What sets this chart apart from most others is that it concentrates on the sub-ohm resistance levels from .1 to .9Ω scale and includes the amps drawn.  Remember, this is simply Ohm’s Law transcribed on paper and does not take into account any other variables which may come into play.  Only you can determine if you are vaping safely.  My advice is that if the eJuice tastes good and the vapor production is satisfying, then that is the important thing.  Just make sure you are not overdrawing your battery.

sub ohm vaping chart

Ohm’s Law Chart for sub ohm resistance ranges.

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  1. Great easy to read chart here; very helpful. Just built a Smok rba this morning and needed to find the right wattage to match the coils which are reading at .3 ohm 50-55 is a great range for the setup! Thanks a million!

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