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Snap Liquids Review – Great Snapple Flavors!


Snap Liquids prides itself on creating some of the best tasting vape juice in the industry. The all-famous Snapple drinks inspired this company to create these tasty flavors. Snap Liquids is headquartered in Los Angeles, California where it handcrafts its products with their scientists and mixologists. Each bottle of eLiquid includes a child safety lock and a laminated label.  Their juice is also steeped for a considerable amount of time to really bring out those amazing flavors. They obviously take a lot of pride in their eJuice and it shows.  In fact, the Snap Peach Iced Tea is by far my favorite eJuice to date and I always make sure I don’t run out. Lets take a look at their flavors more closely.

Snap Liquids Video Review

Snap Liquids Review

Snap Liquids handcraft their ejuice line in Los Angeles, CA.

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My 120 ml bottle of Snap Peach Iced Tea.

My 120 ml bottle of Snap Peach Iced Tea.

Snap Liquid Flavors

Snap Peach Iced Tea

My Rating: 5-star
The Peach Iced Tea flavor is the first flavor the company released. It was and still is a huge hit. Customers who left reviews about the product stated that it was “spot on” and tasted just like the drink. The Peach Iced Tea liquid comes in either a 30 ml glass bottle or a 120ml glass bottle.  I buy the 120 ml since I use this juice a lot and it’s the best bargain for the dollar. You can choose a nicotine content of 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg. The VG/PG ratio is 90/10. With that much VG, you’re guaranteed to get some amazing vapor.  This juice is perfect for peach ice tea lovers.

Apple Snap

My Rating: 5-star
They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in this case, it keeps you vaping all day. This juice has a refreshing taste of a sweet red apple.  This is a great juice to vape first thing in the morning or during a very hot day. The apple flavor has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and it comes in 30 ml size and 120 ml size. Nicotine level offerings are 0 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml. If you love the taste of apples, apple juice or want a light fruity flavor for your summer vaping, this is the juice to get.  You can choose the nicotine content to be 0, 3, or 6mg.

Snap Mad Mango

My Rating: 5-star
Mango is an exotic taste that is perfect for a day on the beach or a day under a palm as the sunset approaches. The most prevalent comment from people who use this juice was that the flavor was full and not flowery as other mango eJuices were. Folks who vape Snap Liquids usually rate the Mad Mango as their second favorite after the Peach Iced Tea flavor. Snap Mad Mango comes in a 30 ml container, has a 90VG/10PG mix and is available in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg of nicotine.

Snap Kiwi Strawberry

My Rating: 5-star
Kiwi Strawberry is one of those exotic flavor combinations that you just have to try.  The immediate taste is that of kiwi and it ends with the subtle sweetness of strawberry.  The Kiwi Strawberry is a great juice for warm days when you’re relaxing outside and enjoying the weather.  The taste seems natural and you don’t get the sense that it is artificially sweetened.  The Kiwi Strawberry eLiquid come in 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine levels. The VG/PG ratio is 90/10. You can order a 30 ml bottle or 120 bottle.

If you are seriously looking for a high quality eJuice with an amazing flavor, then look no further  Snap Liquids is what you are seeking.  Keep in mind that the VG ratio is really high in most of their juices, so this is best for folks who sub-ohm vape.  So not only do you get tremendous flavor, you also get some amazing clouds.

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Snap Liquids Review – Great Snapple Flavors!
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Vaping Snapple!

If you love Snapple, then you will go crazy for Snap Liquids. Peach Iced Tea is my favorite flavor to date and I just can't get enough of it!

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