Which Presidential Candidate Supports Vaping The Most?

  • Vaping police request to Secretary Clinton (Yes, I noticed the typo).
  • Vaping policy request for Senator Cruz.
  • Vaping policy question for Senator Sanders
  • Vaping policy question for Mr. Trump.
  • Vaping policy question for Governor Kasich.
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On May 10, 2016, the FDA published its Final Rule on the sale of tobacco products. This new rule will require all tobacco products, including e-liquids and all devices to be approved by the FDA. The approval process will cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for each application for each product and flavor. See The FDA’s War on E-Cigarettes”, May 11, 2016, http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-fdas-war-on-e-cigarettes/

Due to the heated controversy regarding the regulation of the e-cigarette industry, Vaping411.com wanted to hear what the 2016 presidential candidates thought. So on 07 April 2016, Vaping411 reached out to each of them who were on the campaign trail at the time. The question we posed was, “Do you believe electronic cigarettes should be defined as a tobacco product? Should the liquid and or the device be taxed? And should it be taxed at the same rate as regular cigarettes? Nearly one month later we have not received a single response.

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However, a survey by V2 of more than 600 adult Vapers was released in April and revealed that although 38% of Vapers are Democrats, 36% said Trump is the most supportive of electronic cigarettes. Clinton was thought by 28% to be most pro-vape, and Bernie Sanders got 18% of the vote.

Trump is in favor of fewer government regulations in most areas and vapers are worried about e-cigarette regulations,” Adam Kustin, vice president of marketing at the leading e-cigarette distributor V2, said in a statement. “This might explain his support. Trump is also backed by California’s Duncan Hunter, known as the ‘vaping congressman,’ which is a key endorsement in the e-cig community,” Kustin added.

I was hoping to be able to give you some better insight on what each candidate’s policy position was on vaping.  Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that I submitted each of them the question and none responded.  This can be interpreted in a number of ways.  My guess is that they have no position on Vaping – which doesn’t help us any at this point.   Perhaps if more of us ask, they will realize that this is probably something that should be addressed.

Vaping has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people to get off cigarettes.  I’m sure you agree that it’s important for the leader of our government to understand the value of these products and for them to support their continued availability without the hassles of excessive government regulation and unnecessary  taxes.

Make your voice heard and please vote.

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