Understanding Ohm’s Law as it Relates to Vaping

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Ohm’s Law and Vaping: Here’s What You Should Know

A basic understanding of Ohm’s Law is beneficial to every vaper who has moved beyond standard e-cigarettes to modern devices. Wrapping your mind around current, voltage, and resistance can help you craft the perfect vape. It can also help you grasp the parameters within which your mod’s battery remains safe and efficient.

The name sounds all scientific and technical. We get that. Don’t be intimidated. The things you need to know about Ohm’s Law don’t require an advanced STEM degree, and this little overview could even earn you some street cred from your vaping friends.

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ohm's law

The Ohm’s Law Triangle.  Image: Public Domain.

What is Ohms Law?

Let’s get the precise scientific wording out of the way first. Ohm’s Law can be mathematically stated as I=V/R. I refers to current, V to voltage, and R to resistance. Stated in plain English, current equals voltage divided by resistance.

German physicist Georg Ohm is credited with first publishing the relationship in a treatise from 1827. Ohm wrote of how he made measurements of applied voltage and current using wire of various lengths and simple circuits.

Today there are many generalizations of Ohm’s work which apply to many different things. All of them are referred to as Ohm’s Law. What we’re looking for is how Ohm’s Law specifically relates to vaping and why it is important.

Ohm’s Law and Vaping

Ohm’s Law is the governor of many functions of a modern vaporizer. It reigns supreme over everything from the power output of your mod to the maximum heat of the coils in your tank. This scientific principle is used by designers to create safe, efficient vaporizers that function as intended and reduce the risks inherent in using ANY device with a battery.

Before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the room and move on. The chance of a vape mod exploding or a battery venting during a vaping session is incredibly low. Almost all mods today offer a host of protections to prevent this from happening. Your favorite mod almost certainly has low voltage protection, overcharge protection, and many other features that virtually eliminate risk. This is why vaporizer designers study and implement Ohm’s Law.

Familiarizing yourself with Ohm’s Law, especially if you are among that hardcore segment of vapers who like to do their own builds, enables you to find a perfect balance of heat, flavor, and vapor volume. It allows you to understand the relationship between volts, amps, and resistance. When you grasp this, it is very easy to calculate the power needed to generate the precise amount of heat you require.

Ohm’s Law and Your Vape Battery

A huge factor in getting the most from your mod is knowing your battery. By knowing, we mean grasping its limitations. The battery in your mod is a very rudimentary engine, nothing more and nothing less. It is the source of your mod’s power.

Here’s the deal. A battery can only do so much. If you push your Ford Taurus past the limit at which it can be expected to perform, what will happen? Your car will fail. The same is true of your vape battery. Battery failure, commonly referred to as venting, occurs when a battery has exceeded its capabilities and begins to release gases out of the battery cell in an effort to disperse heat. Make no mistake, battery venting is bad. The good news is that it rarely happens.

Another thing to understand about vape batteries is that putting them under too much strain hampers their efficiency and the length of time they will stay charged. If you drive your car at 80 mph it will burn more gas than driving it at 60 mph. To get the most economy from your battery, you need to respect its limits.

Fine, you say, but what does Ohm’s Law have to do with all of this? Applying Ohm’s Law can tell you precisely what your battery’s limits are. It can tell you how low you can go with the resistance on your build and how much power your battery will support. We’re talking precise numbers, not a guesstimate. Having that knowledge is crucial if you intend to do your own builds.

What we have shared with you about Ohm’s Law is just a start. Our hope is that you now comprehend the term and what it means, and that you will take this basic information and expand on it as you work toward a greater understanding of how your vaporizer works.


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