Notch Coils Are the Latest in Coil Technology

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Notch coils will give you fast heat with clean vapor.

If you are one of those Vapers that likes to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, you’ve probably read about notch coils and how they are growing in popularity. Since its unveiling in early 2016, some Vapers have come to believe the notch coil is a superior method of distributing heat in atomizers. So what are these coils?

What Are Notch Coils?

notch coil

The Notch Coil is the latest development in coil technology.

JayBo, a legendary designer in the vaping industry, developed the notch coils. The introduction of these coils was announced in March of 2016. The coil fuses a Clapton-style coil with a traditional coil to merge an expanded surface area with a fast heat-up time. Typically, coils like the Clapton with a larger surface area take longer to heat up. In theory, this new, innovative coil gives Vapers the convenience of a traditional coil and the superior performance of a Clapton coil in one package. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

It’s an interesting concept to say the least. Even novices understand how the production and distribution of heat can affect a vape. The most beneficial aspect of this coil, however, is that it has the potential to expand customization, something Vapers are constantly craving. There are potential applications of these coils that will allow for more precise management of temperature control.

Will it Deliver a Better Vape?

notch coil

JayBo. Image Credit: JayBo Designs

Granted, the notch coil sounds great on the surface. The big question, though, is will it deliver a better vape? At the end of the day, a coil is only as good as the vapor volume and flavor intensity it can deliver.

Looking purely at the design of the coil, the answer is yes. For starters the surface area is huge. That makes it ideally suited to RDAs or rebuildable dripping atomizers which are used to vape at sub ohm levels. Sub ohm vaping is legendary for huge clouds of vapor and richer flavor. The main material of the coil is Stainless Steel (SS), a material that heats in rapid fashion and often delivers a cleaner, purer vapor. Non-resistance Nickel (Ni) wire is used for the leads, and Nickel is well-suited to temperature control mods.

All of the stars seem to be aligned in favor of the notch coil as a better way to vape.  But the fact is that it’s still way too early to tell. However, if you know anything about the vaping community, you know that they are a picky bunch. Products can be lab tested a thousand and one times, but until the rubber meets the road with actual Vapers’ input, the jury is still out.

Where to Buy the Coils

Notch Coils are still a relatively new technology and manufacturers are introducing new devices that use them. Check out the latest devices and tanks using notch coils available at Direct Vapor.

Final Thoughts

Vapers are a lot like any other technology fan. They get really excited every time a new feature appears in a vaporizer. This time, though, the hype might just be real. More effective and efficient heating equals a better vape, plain and simple. If the these coils performs anywhere near the level at which vapers are talking them up, the traditional coil just might go the way of the Betamax and 8-track tape.

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