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Bilstar evod ecig review

You get two Bilstar Evod e cigs when you buy this kit.

No.1 eJuice has some amazing e cig products that cover all your vaping needs.  Recently, they provided me a Bilstar Evod Starter Kit to test out and review.  I have been using this Evod kit for a week now – jotting down notes here and there so I can write a substantive Bilstar Evod e cig review.  There will be a video accompanying this review so you get a chance to see this vaping pen in action.  Additionally, if you think you want to get this kit, I have included an exclusive No.1 eJuice coupon code to take 10% off your order.

Believe it or not, I spent a good portion of my research trying to figure out just what Evod stood for?  After 30 minutes of surfing the internet, I am still at a loss.  So if you know what Evod means, please enlighten us by leaving a comment below.  Until then, I’ll announce to the world that Evod stands for Electronic Vaping Operating Device! Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

KangerTech made the Evod e cig model famous.  Since its introduction, various brands have introduced their own clones of this powerful vaping pen to the e cig world.  The Bilstar Evod starter kit does a great job in capturing the beauty of the original Evod.  Once you open this kit and try it out you will see why Evod kits are so eagerly sought after.

For those of you residing in the U.S., the BilStar Evod kit currently runs at $20.40.  If you use the link above, you can get this kit for $18.30.  That’s an amazing deal. UK and other EU residents will also receive the same No.1 eJuice discount on the Bilstar EVOD kit by using the link above.

evod e cig review

An opened Bilstar Evod e cig kit.

Battery:  The Evod battery works much like all the other Go style batteries when you want to turn it on or off.  Just click the button rapidly five times to power it on and repeat to power it off.  The battery voltage is 3.7v and is pretty quick at recharging.  Usually it takes 2.5 to 3 hours to completely charge your battery with USB charger that comes with your kit.  If you accidentally keep the button pressed for more than 10 seconds, it will automatically shut off.  This is a nice safety feature that keeps your battery from draining unexpectedly.

Coil:  The atomizers included in this kit has a standard resistance of 2.4 ohms.  I tend to prefer the 2.4 ohm over anything smaller that you find in some kits.  The Kanger Evod that I love so very much also uses the 2.4 ohm.

  • Two ecigs for the price of one
  • A proven design
  • The kit is very affordable

  • 1.6ml tank is small
  • Actuator button difficult to find
  • Average vapor production

What I like about this kit

I do like the fact that I get not one, but TWO Evod e cigs with this starter kit.  Vape with one while charging the other.  Or have two of them with different eJuice flavors.  It’s also a winning design.  The Evod kit is popular because it is easy to use, easy to refill and provides good vaping satisfaction.  The price is also very reasonable.  The Evod kit comes with 5 Evod replacement coils.  You will be vaping for a very long time before you need to think about getting some new coils.  By the way, each of these coils will probably last you 20+ refills with an occasional tap water rinse of your Evod atomizer.  And finally, I like the eGo threading, which allows you to interchange your Evod battery and BCC tank with other 510 threading batteries and tanks.

What I don’t like about this kit

evod e cig review

The Bilstar Evod e cig can be broken down to four pieces.

The downside is that the Evod BCC tank is just 1.6ml.  This will only carry me through part of the day.  If you’re on the go, bring some ejuice with you or the extra Evod e cig which came with the kit.  I also am not a fan of the actuator button being flush with the battery.  A lot of manufacturers do this and I understand it helps inadvertent battery discharge, but it makes it difficult to find by feel alone.  You are pretty much forced to look at the battery to see where the button is.  And finally, although the Bilstar Evod e cig provides a great throat hit, the vapor production is average.  You may want to experiment with various Evod replacement coils on the market once you run low on the ones provided in this kit.

  • 2 Evod rechargeable 1,100 mAh batteries (Black or Silver)
  • 2 Evod BCC 1.6ml Clearomizers
  • 5 Replaceable Coil Heads (2.4 ohms)
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Instruction manual

Conclusion: Overall this kit is a great deal for the price- even before using our 10% off coupon. The Bilstar Evod e cig kit is designed for people who are transitioning from the mini e cigs (cigalikes) to Go style ecigs where you can mix and match eLiquids and batteries. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and very affordable. For the novices out there, this is a starter kit you should consider.

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  1. I like this style of ecigarette so I plan on getting another one soon. The one I had was old and I purchased it off a friend.

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