The iVape? Apple’s New Patent For a Vaporizer

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Is Apple Preparing to Develop an iVape?

A recent patent application by a technology giant has created a buzz in the vaping community. In late January, news leaked that Apple filed a patent for a device it calls a Sublimator/Vaporizer back in July of 2016. Now, vapers all over the world are asking the obvious question: is Apple preparing to develop an iVape?

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At first glance, the device described in the patent filing certainly looks like some kind of strange sub tank. Those who follow Apple closely, however, will argue that speculating about the company’s intentions is pointless. The iVape is just a fantasy until Apple confirms or denies it’s development.

Apple’s Sublimator/Vaporizer


There is quite a buzz circulating that this is Apple’s first iVape? Image credit:  U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

The patent filed by Apple for the Sublimator/Vaporizer includes a rough drawing of the device showing several parts. It is cylindrical in shape and includes a chamber body, a thermal sleeve, a heater, a plate, and a lid.

The design appears to show a bowl or chamber that could be used to contain e-liquid. A plate sits on top of this chamber and looks as though it is designed to lower as the liquid in the chamber is vaporized. Vapor is harnessed in an open area above the plate and beneath the lid, but the design neither shows or makes mention of a mouthpiece or other implement through which the vapor could be inhaled.

All of the elements that are required for an atomizer seem to be present in the design. In true Apple fashion, the heating element looks to be proprietary in nature. If this is indeed a vaporizer, how the unit will be powered remains a mystery.

Apple Vaporizer or Advanced Mobile Tech?

Some bloggers who follow the latest development news regarding Apple were quick to weigh in on the patent filing. In general, most of them were quick to dismiss the notion that Apple is readying itself to enter the vaping marketplace.

The Mac Observer argues that the design is more likely that of a component which will vaporize metals in order to layer them over other compounds. The experts point to the wording of the patent application as evidence to support their conclusion. In the filing, Apple specifically mentions that argon, helium, and nitrogen are gases that will not react with the substance being vaporized.

What purpose Apple would have for vaporizing metal is anyone’s guess, but the concept puts a dent in the iVape theory. This is sobering news for those vapers who were starting to have visions of an iPhone combined with a box mod.

What if Apple Did Develop an iVape?

Before totally dismissing the possibility of an iVape, it’s sort of fun to speculate on why Apple might choose to make one and what the device might offer.

For starters, the vaping industry has been moving ever closer to advanced vaporizers that mimic the functionality of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. There are many touchscreen mods on the market today, and some can even do double duty as as a power bank. If any company is in a position to add some awesome features to a vaporizer, it’s Apple.

Pure economics is another reason it isn’t out of the question for Apple to make a vaping device. According to Forbes, the vaping industry grew into a $3.7 billion dollar industry in the U.S. in less than a decade. While vaporizer sales figures still fall below those of traditional cigarettes, sales continue to rise year after year. At its heart, Apple is a business just like any other. The potential of windfall profits could eventually force the company’s hand.

If Apple did choose to develop an iVape, one has to think the features would exceed those which are currently available. Consider for a moment the design in the patent and its thermal shield. Is it so hard to envision a company like Apple inventing a new method of heating that would literally change how mods are built today? Not at all. The primary advantage Apple would have over other vaporizer manufacturers is plenty of capital to invest in research and development. The results could be otherworldly.

Even though it appears the new patent from Apple does not depict a vape pen or mod, it’s sort of fun to dream about the existence of an iVape. Until it happens, dreams are all vapers have to convince themselves that one day Apple will do for vaping what it did for the mobile phone.




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