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Horizon Krixus Tank – Ceramic Rebuildable Coil

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The Horizon Krixus Tank is an example of the top-of-the-line ceramic heating coil tanks that provide significantly longer lifespans and much less maintenance than other tanks and coils. The innovation lies in the heating coil, which is now made from a ceramic melted with tungsten for the ultimate in heat durability and longevity. The average lifespan of one of these ceramic coils is six months, but the cotton portion of the wick must be changed more frequently. There’s no complicated rebuilding of the coil every time it goes out. These coils are so versatile that they can even clean themselves by running the unit at 30W when the cotton has been removed during cleaning. Residue built up on the coil will burn away, leaving a perfectly white surface once it has cooled. Then you simply wrap a new piece of cotton around the coil and replace the glass tube.

horizon krixus

The HorizonTech Krixus is a top fill tank.

What Comes In Your Horizon Krixus Tank Kit

When you purchase a Krixus tank, you receive one coil installed in the unit, and one spare. Since each coil is meant to last six months with normal use, you could conceivably go a full year without having to buy replacement coils. The unit also comes with five pieces of organic Japanese cotton for the wick, so its ready to go out of the box. These coils have a resistance of 0.3Ω, and they should be used in the range between 60 and 120 watts while vaping. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Top Fill

Another appealing feature of the Krixus tank is that it can be filled from the top. Top-filling tanks are slowly becoming the standard on quality vaporizer tanks. They are significantly easier to use than other tanks that must be disassembled to be filled. Of course, this tank can be disassembled, but it is only required for cleaning and maintenance. Some fear that a top-filling tank will be more likely to leak, but the Krixus has a wide thread pattern that creates a perfect seal every time.

horizon krixus review

The Horizon Krixus provides a clean tasting ejuice with a ton of vapor.

The Krixus also has a large 4ml filling capacity, reducing the overall time you have to spend tending to your device. The tank has a diameter of 22 millimeters and uses the typical 510 threading that most vaporizer components use. The included drip tip is made from stainless steel, and it is insulated with a heat resistant plastic known as Delrin, which makes it more durable and cost-efficient than a standard drip tip.

Horizon Krixus Tank

Direct Vapor offers a low price guarantee. Should you find a Horizon Krixus cheaper elsewhere, They will match that price or refund you the difference if you've already completed your purchase.


Horizon Krixus Tank – Ceramic Rebuildable Coil

More On The Ceramic Heating Coils

Ceramic heating elements, like the ones used in the Krixus, take very little time to heat when activated, so they provide a consistent flavor through smooth operation. The coils themselves are machined with such precision that they are exceptionally easy to replace. The ceramic coils have a inner core that contains the blended tungsten ceramic material, and the outer layer is pure ceramic for added strength. The remaining functional portion of the coil is the cotton wick, which easily wraps around the ceramic coil and slides off when burnt or used up. The Krixus is a premium tank made with the utmost precision, and it marks an innovative step in the vaping industry.

horizon krixus

The HorizonTech Krixus is a top fill tank.

The Horizon Krixus Tank includes:

  • Krixus Tank
  • One Spare Coil
  • Spare Glass Tank
  • Spare O-Rings
  • 5 x Japanese Organic Cotton Pieces
  • 1 x Acrylic Package

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Next Generation Tank

With the new ceramic coils, the HorizoTech Krixus will last a long time before you need to replace your coils.

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