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Halo e Juice Review of Their Top Flavors

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There is a reason why Halo e Juice is found in Vape Shops all across the United States.  Vapers know their eJuice has a superior flavor and vapor than most other juice lines.  Nicopure Labs, the parent company of Halo and Evo e Liquids, has consistently provided quality products for almost a decade.

Halo e Juice Review

In this Halo e Juice review, I try Halo Cigs Kringle's Curse, the Subzero, the Malibu and the Evo Fuzzy Summer and Insomnia.

Nicopure Labs is a Leader in the Vaping Industry

Just one year after its creation, the company went international with its Nicopure Labs Wholesale program. The first product was a three-piece pen device called Element, and today, the catalog has grown massively. Nicopure Labs backs up all of its products with a critical preliminary research process. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Nicopure Labs was the first company to file a lawsuit against the FDA challenging the recent Deeming Rule.  They are our front line soldiers fighting for our right to vape.  For this alone, we owe Nicopure Labs a debt of gratitude.

Superb Quality of Halo e Juice

halo e juice review

The “Best By Date” is clearly visible on every Halo e Juice bottle.

Halo has also earned FEMA GRAS approval, which ensures standard safety of flavors and other ingredients for human use. FEMA is the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association; GRAS stands for Generally Regarded as Safe.

Halo carefully monitors nicotine levels for consistency, and flavorings receive similar treatment. Consistency is one of Halo’s best attributes. The company also stores their e Liquids in climate-controlled environments to keep them fresh. As a result, their e Juice packs a flavorful taste that creates very satisfying clouds.

All flavors are third party lab-tested for transparency and ingredient review before being made available for purchase . Only after a flavor has passed all of the quality testing can it be allowed to hit the shelves. A team of highly specialized chemists using state-of-the-art materials examine the e-liquids in a 100,000-square-foot testing facility in Gainesville, Florida.

Every single one of the e-liquids comes with a best-by date to ensure freshness.  Best of all, all Nicopure Labs’ eJuices are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free.

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Halo e Juice Review of Their Top Flavors

Rigorous Standards

Instead of just pushing liquids out for a profit, the people behind Halo and Evo Juices are connoisseurs who care about quality. From the packaging, to the highly functional e Juice dropper, you know they take their e Liquids seriously.

halo e juice review

The Halo e Juice Dropper is probably the best dropper on the e Liquid market.

Halo follows rigorous standards when producing their e liquid, including making everything in regulated American labs. Every element is pharmaceutical grade and meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards with approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This includes the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) used as liquid bases as well as the nicotine and flavorings.  Only premium ingredients are used.

The catalog of Halo liquid flavors offers a diverse range of choices for all e- liquid aficionados.

Flavor Categories

Halo divides its flavors into five basic categories: Fruit, Dessert, Tobacco, Menthol and Mint and Unflavored. I have reviewed a few of my favorites.

Halo e Juice Flavors Reviewed

Halo Kringle’s Curse

My Rating4-star
Kringle’s Curse is one of Halo’s most refreshing flavors. It has a peppermint-packed punch that leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. This is a dessert-based flavor that can serve well as an after dinner treat.

Halo Subzero

My Rating: 5-star
Halo Subzero liquid represents the pinnacle of menthol magnificence. This particular e-liquid has three times as much cool menthol as the other flavors in the catalog. The vapor production is fantastic and it has that icy finish we love from menthol.

Halo Malibu

My Rating5-star
If you’re a piña colada lover, the Malibu is for you. In addition to piña colada goodness, there is also a subtle menthol complement to the aftertaste. This is one of the more smooth flavors in the catalog.  Malibu is a great vape to have on those warm summer days and nights.

Halo Tribeca

My Rating5-star
A smooth blend that includes touches of vanilla and caramel without being overly sweet. This is Halo’s best-selling flavor and highly praised.

Halo Midnight Apple

My Rating5-star
Rich, smooth tobacco mixed with a bit of apple. The taste is similar to a flavorful pipe tobacco.

Halo Torque56

My Rating: 4-star
The taste of unfiltered tobacco with no extra flavors. It delivers a serious throat hit that a lot of Vapers found appealing.

Halo Mystic Menthol

My Rating3-star
Refreshing and lightly sweet without any real discernible tobacco taste.

Belgian Cocoa

My Rating3-star
Hearty flavor combined with dark, dry cocoa and a trace of sweetness for genuine chocolate flavor. A very popular blend.

halo e juice review

The vapor and flavor of Halo e Juices will please any hard core Vaper.

Bottle Sizes, Nicotine Levels and PG/VG Strength

Halo and EVO e Juice are available in 10 mL and 30 ml bottle sizes.  There are also sample packs available for both juice lines.  Nicotine strength choices include 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and 36mg.  The Halo e Juice comes in standard PG levels or a high 70% VG concentration for sub-ohm vaping.


No matter which e-liquid you choose from the Halo catalog, you will be confident in knowing that you are getting it from some of the most passionate e-liquid professionals on the planet. Not only do they make phenomenal e Juice, but they are championing our right to vape by taking the fight to the FDA.

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Top Shelf Juice

Nicopure Labs create some of the best quality e Liquids on the market. I have yet to meet anyone who didn't appreciate the rich and complex flavors of Halo e Juices.

  • Exceptional quality
  • Excellent dropper
  • No 120 ml options
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