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Central Vapors E Juice MADE IN THE USA – Review

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What is Central Vapors?

If quality and customer service define any E liquid company, it’s Central Vapors. This is because they are completely passionate and downright obsessed with providing the best E juice in America. On top of that, all their juices and ingredients are 100% MADE IN THE USA. This Texas-based organization was founded in 2013 and they joined the Better Business Bureau in 2014.

DirectVapor.com Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Central Vapors Review

A taste test on five of their flavors.

What sets this conscientious company apart from so many fly-by-night operations is their complete dedication to customer service and pricing. They are highly esteemed for their ongoing sales, smoking-hot promotions, and everyday great pricing. This is a customer-centric organization that is always eager to receive questions or concerns, and they have plenty of expertise and knowledge to provide quality help. If you go to their Facebook page, this is what they have to say about themselves:

At Central Vapors, our goal is to provide the highest quality E-Liquids and deliver it to your doorstep as fast as possible regardless of where you live. We’re obsessed with what we do and we’re determined to serve all our customers on the highest level possible. After all, Central Vapors was made possible by YOU.

Central Vapors

What to Know About Their E Juice

Central Vapors juices are 100% MADE IN THE USA. This Texas-based organization was founded in 2013 and a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2014.

Five flavors Vaping 411 tried for the Central Vapors E juice review.


This U.S. based company currently provides more than 120 different E liquid flavors, and they are always adding more. You will never get a bottle of juice that has been sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. This is because they don’t make your E liquid until you place your order.


In addition to offering great discounts, sales, and promotions, Central Vapors E juice prices are hard to beat. At the time of this posting, most of their 10 ml bottles are about $5.70, 30 ml bottles are $14.20, and 50 ml bottles are just under $22.00, although you will find discounts galore and bulk pricing for the 250 ml and 500 ml sizes. Their Privileged Premium line is a little higher end due to the intensive care and quality craftsmanship of each flavor, but still, the prices are phenomenal. Shipping charges are free for orders over $50.

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Central Vapors E Juice MADE IN THE USA – Review

Quality Control

They carefully handcraft each bottle using the highest quality ingredients all originating from U.S. based suppliers – never from China. Daily laboratory testing on real orders ensures that the nicotine levels are accurate and that the flavors are optimal. All ingredients are hand-picked, and they use the purest nicotine and USP grade PG/VG. Furthermore, all Central Vapors E juices are diacetyl and alcohol-free.


One of the hallmarks of Central Vapors e liquids is the sheer number of juice choices. With more than 120 delicious selections on the menu, you won’t have any trouble finding a favorite flavor of the week … or several. They encourage their customers to suggest new and exciting flavors and they’re always in the process of making new additions. The following is a bullet list that breaks down the E liquid categories:

  • Fruit flavors
  • Cereal flavors
  • Cinnamon flavors
  • Drink flavors
  • Coffee flavors
  • Dessert flavors
  • Candy flavors
  • Tobacco flavors
  • Menthol flavors
  • *Privileged Premium Ejuice

*In addition to the already huge selection of e liquids, these Texas crafters also boast a specialty line called Privileged Premium Ejuice. These sumptuous juices offer complexities of flavors for the highly discerning palate, and each and every bottle receives extra TLC before leaving the lab. The Privilege juices are always pre-steeped and each bottle is taste-tested for quality.

If you just can’t decide which juices to pick, they have a number of different sample packs.

Central Vapors E Juice Review

  • 3-starGalaxy – Galaxy is described as a combination of Kiwi and Cream. When I vape it, I get a slight vanilla cream taste combined with a summer lemonade. The lemon taste is mild and there is a kiwi flavor present, but I also get hints of grape fruit and strawberry. This is a great summer vape and perfect for relaxing on your lawn on a warm afternoon.
  • 4-starPapa Smurf – Papa Smurf is described as having notes of blueberry, strawberries and cream. In my opinion, it has a strong grape aroma to it, reminiscent of Fanta Grape. On the inhale, I get that same Grape Fanta taste and the exhale brings out a warm sugary finish like a Grape Bubble Gum.
  • 5-starBlood Rainbow – Blood Rainbow is by far my favorite flavor I tried. Saying wow is an understatement. The flavor is described as candy and blood oranges. However, I have a different take on it. On the inhale I get a fruity taste as one would expect from a morning mix fruit juice. But I also taste blood oranges, apple and grapefruit. On the exhale I get a sweet skittles finish and a flavor similar to Tang, but with a peppery undertone. This an excellent all day vape and I cannot recommend this enough.

I am a huge fan of menthol flavors, so I was really interested in trying out these two additional flavors:

  • 4-starExtreme Freeze – Extreme Freeze is described as a spearmint menthol and that is 100% accurate. The inhale provides an arctic blast of menthol and the spearmint is tasted on the exhale. There is warm sweetness to the spearmint flavor that compliments the icey menthol inhale. The menthol in this juice is super strong and almost worthy of being recommended as an additive to other juices to give an extra kick. I love the way that warm spearmint flavor kicks in after getting hit with that icey menthol. This is a fantastic flavor and I will definitely re-order.
  • 5-starMenthol – Just like the name suggests, this is pure menthol. Unlike the Extreme Freeze, Menthol is probably too strong for most people to vape by itself, especially if you buy it with extra flavor added. This is a juice that I definitely recommend as an additive. Add this to your all day vape to give it that extra pep. It’s almost on par with Halo’s Sub Zero, which is one of my all time favorite menthol flavors. This flavor is reminiscent of menthol found in Camel Crush.


central vapors

The squeezable plastic bottles makes it easy to fill your tank with vape juice.

Nicotine levels, in general, range from 0 mg to 24 mg. Some of the promotional liquids come in only 3 nicotine levels from 0 mg up to 12 mg, but those are clearly labeled.

Bottle sizes come in 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml. They also have a sample size of just 5 ml and jumbo bulk sizes of 250 ml and 500 ml at seriously great prices.

VG/PG ratios vary. The standard is 50/50, but you can get as little as 0% VG up to their Max VG, which has over 70% VG.


For customers who prefer to mix their own creative concoctions of E juices, these expert crafters offer all the DIY ingredients and accessories you need. If you are new to creating your own juice, they have a DIY ejuice kit that contains everything you need to get started. With over 200 E juice flavor concentrates made in the USA, you will never get bored, whether you want to just add a little something to an existing bottle of E liquid or create a new blend with your favorite flavors.

Customer First

Overall, Central Vapors strives to be a highly conscientious company that puts you, the customer, at the heart of their business. Not only do they make great E liquids, they offer the latest in mods, tanks, and vaping accessories for all your needs. They are crazy about quality and flavor and, most importantly, your satisfaction. The company stands behind every sale, and if you have a problem that can’t be solved or you don’t like your E liquid or need a replacement product, they’ll make sure you get what you need AND pay for shipping.

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Exceptional Juice

Central Vapors has the highest quality e liquids made in the U.S., awesome prices, and customer care that puts you at the heart of their business.

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