Surprising List of Celebrities Who Vape

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There was a time when every celebrity on the silver screen smoked both in and out of their roles. It was cool. It was sophisticated, and it gave them all bad breath. That trend still persists to this day (minus the bad breath, we hope), though it’s significantly decreased with awareness of the dangers of tobacco and the advent of vaping. Many of the industry’s most trendsetting celebrities who vape were once former smokers. Vaping just might be the new cool.

celebrities who vape

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean having a rooftop smoke.

Celebrities Who Vape

Norman Reedus

celebrities who vape
Norman Reedus, an actor known for his roles in gritty projects like The Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead, often plays the antihero. Whether he’s portraying an Irish immigrant killing mobsters while being pursued by a cross-dressing Willem Dafoe or a zombie-slaying hick with a symbiotic relationship to his crossbow, his characters are always smokers. While Daryl Dixon is staring death in the face, Reedus is trying to live longer with the help of vaping. His fans will be glad to know he’s making healthier choices that won’t lead to him being recast as a walker any time soon. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Eddie Van Halen

eddie-van-halen-vape_2048x2048Eddie Van Halen stormed the 80s music scene with his eponymous band Van Halen. One of the greatest guitar players of all time, Van Halen spent a lot of years touring in one of the most live fast, die young industries in the world. Eddie took the lifestyle and ran with it, getting up to crazy antics on stage and even crazier antics off-stage. Smoking cigarettes was one of his many vices, all of which he is slowly shedding as he rocks his way through his sixties. Lately, he’s been seen vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. It’s nice to see Eddie drop those icky sticks and make that Jump to vaping.

Ronnie Wood

ron-woodLegendary guitarist Ronnie Wood just hit his 70th year. It might only be rock ‘n roll, but he liked it enough to keep playing for more than half a century with bands from The Birds to One Direction. Barring that latter lapse in judgment, he’s made countless iconic tunes, primarily with his main band–The Rolling Stones. Ronnie spent as many years smoking cigarettes as he did strumming the strings. He might not have Keith Richards’ complexion, but he certainly wasn’t doing his body any favors. It looks like he might finally be done painting his lungs black since he’s taken up vaping to combat that nasty habit.

Andrew Dice Clay

andrew-dice-clayIf you know Andrew Dice Clay, you know he had some bad habits to go with the bad attitude he hyped up on stage. The “Diceman,” as his stage persona came to be known at the height of his popularity, chain-smoked Marlboros during his sets and down time, puffing up to two packs every day. This purveyor of dirty nursery rhymes seemed unlikely to quit. As it turns out, he’s not just shocking on stage. He’s kicking the butts to the curb with the help of a vaporizer. Who’d have thought the guy who gave Mother Goose a bad name could be a good role model?

Carrie Fisher

carrie-fisherCarrie Fisher, the woman we will forever know as Princess Leia, was a formidable actress, activist and author before her untimely death. As the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, her childhood fell short of normal. She dropped out of high school to follow her mother to the stage. Carrie was a success early on, starring in 1977’s unstoppable hit Star Wars. By the final film in the original trilogy, she had cemented herself as a sex symbol, a status she still holds to this day, thanks to the unforgettable slave Leia costume from Return of the Jedi. Like so many stars, Fisher’s status came with a party lifestyle, including a nasty smoking habit. She was a long-time smoker when vaping helped her give it up. She may have stopped smoking, but she was always smoking hot.

Dennis Quaid

dennis-quaidHollywood hottie Dennis Quaid most recently starred in the feel-good film A Dog’s Purpose. In it, he’s somehow even better looking than when he starred in such 80s goofball flicks as Innerspace and The Big Easy. He’s the younger brother of Randy Quaid–the odd-looking actor who played Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon franchise and has since gone on to have some bizarre legal troubles. It’s no wonder the younger Quaid took up smoking, but he’s recently ditched tobacco for vaping. Maybe that’s why he’s looking great at 63.

Sean Penn

sean-pennSean Penn embodies old-school cool. He’s spent his career morphing from the blitzed-out stoner in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to a more mature thespian who lands roles in critical successes like Mystic River and Milk. Edgy with a side of bad-boy charm, it’s a given that Penn has been a long-time smoker. Lucky for his fans, he’s tossed his cancer sticks and opted for some tasty vapes.

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