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The Federal Drug Administration announced last week that it would extend the PMTA deadline for vape manufacturers from August 8, 2018, to August 8, 2022.


The VaporFi Vulk Tank was designed for optimal sub-ohm vaping in both flavor and cloud production with two high performance coil setups.

People vape for many reasons. After years of painstaking research we have definitive proof that there are six types of Vapers out there. Which one are you?


Vapers should be aware of five easily made but dangerous vaping mistakes in order to ensure a safe, cost effective and healthy vaping experience.


The Pax Juul Starter Kit is an extremely popular above ohm electronic cigarette that provides great throat hit, good vapor using eLiquid pods.

This article will highlight what the experts are saying about battery safety concerns and some of the precautions you can take for a safe vaping experience.


Detailed VaporFi review including videos of the latest VaporFi devices in action and how well they operate. Huge 12% VaporFi e Liquid discount is included.

The VaporFi Air 2 is an All in One mini vaporizer designed for people new to vaping. The Air 2 comes with a 1.4ml tank and a 350 mAh battery rated at 15W.


Smoking was once fashionable in Hollywood, but not anymore. Vaping has become the 21st century alternative to tobacco. See our list of celebrities who vape.


Vaping has a bad rap - but it doesn't have to. Here are five reasons why people have a negative perception of vaping and what we can do to help our cause.


The Innokin Cool Fire Ultra is an easy to use mod perfect for intermediate vapers. The Aethon chipset is highly regarded among vapers and truly delivers.

The Eleaf iJust X is an entry level 50W sub ohm mod designed for smokers transitioning to vaping or novice vapers looking to upgrade from a cig-a-like.

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