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Aspire Plato Review: MTL or DL Vaping

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The Aspire Plato is the newest Aspire all-in-one vaping device. Depending on which coil you want to use, the Plato can deliver two different styles of vaping: mouth-to-lung and direct lung. This not only makes the device more versatile, but it gives greater flexibility and control to the user. This high level of versatility is made possible thanks to the multiple coil options that work with the Plato platform. Not only can this device be used for a variety of vaping styles, but it offers temperature control and adjustable airflow as well. The Plato fits snugly in the palm of your hand and takes up little space in your pocket on the go.

Aspire Plato Review

A detailed Aspire Plato review going over the entire kit.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Aspire Plato is its aesthetic design. The device comes in a variety of striking colors, including Rose Gold, Lavender, Pink, Blue, White, Grey, and Black. The exterior is styled with brushed metal and simple elegant stainless steel and black trim. The Plato is only 100mm from tip to base, 50mm wide, and 23mm thick. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!
aspire plato review

Filling the Aspire Plato with eJuice.

Aspire Plato All-in-One Starter Kit

Direct Vapor offers a low price guarantee. Should you find an Aspire Plato cheaper elsewhere, They will match that price or refund you the difference if you've already completed your purchase.


Aspire Plato Review: MTL or DL Vaping

Plato Tank

The Plato is easy to load and you will notice that the tank assembly has two ports.  The top port is used for adding e-Liquid and the bottom post is used to break the vacuum to drain any unwanted e-Liquid from the tank via the top port.  The entire tank system disassembles for cleaning and general upkeep, and you can conveniently check the e-liquid level in the device through the thin window on the curved panel. The tanks holds anywhere from 4.6 to 5.6 milliliters of e-liquid, depending on the type of coil you’re using. The sub-ohm coils take up more space inside the tank, so less e-liquid can be applied. Airflow can also be manipulated by rotating the dial on the bottom of the unit. By limiting airflow you can add resistance and create a tighter draw.

aspire plato

Image showing the battery compartment (battery included in kit) and magnetic tabs for the panel.

Another appealing feature of the Plato is the digital screen and controls. The screen rotates so that it is always oriented the correct way, so you can hold the device however you like. It has a simple single button design for vaping, and it has two separate controls for adjusting the temperature and/or wattage. The digital screen displays information on battery life, wattage, voltage, and more. The kit includes a 2500mAh Aspire 18650 battery that provides up to 50W of power (make sure to charge it completely before using it in the Aspire Plato. There is a MicroUSB port on the front of the device beneath the digital screen that allows for easy recharging, and you can even upgrade the device’s firmware when connecting it to a PC or other home computer.

aspire plato review

Safety features of the Aspire Plato.

The entire Plato device disassembles easily thanks to the magnetic clasps that hold the cover in place. Once the cover is removed, the pyrex tank, coils, and tip can be removed for cleaning, or to replace any internal components. The battery can also be removed and replaced while the cover is off the device. With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason this unit from Aspire won’t last for years.

The Aspire Plato Kit includes:

  • Aspire Plato Unit
  • 0.4Ω Sub-ohm Coil
  • 1.8Ω Nautilus Coil
  • Stainless Steel Tip
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • One 18650 Battery
  • 2 x Rubber Seals
  • MicroUSB cord
  • Atomizer Key

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6.5 Total Score
Hi-Tech and Compact

Here is a nice stealthy mod with the tank tucked inside the unit. It's easy to carry around and great for those stealth vaping moments!

  • High quality circuitry.
  • Compact and stealthy.
  • USB input on side.
  • Both MTL and DL vaping.
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Awkward tank assembly.
  • Possibly messy juice draining.
User Rating: 3.75 (4 votes)


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