Ten Signs You Are Addicted To Vaping

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Lets face it folks.  If you’re reading this post, chances are you are already addicted to vaping!  But here is a symptoms quiz  just in case you’re unsure.  I imagine there will be a lot of yes nods and some smiles and chuckles as well.  So, here we go.  Count every ‘yes’ answer as one point and see your results at the bottom of this quiz.

Ten Signs You're Addicted to Vaping

A funny video showing what addiction to vaping is like.

Addicted To Vaping Symptoms

10.  You evaluate the amount of eLiquid left in your tank before leaving the house.

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9.  You begin to panic when you only have one fresh atomizer left.

8.  You learned the art of stealth vaping when you’re in a No Smoking area.

7.  You establish a hierarchy with fellow ecig users by the amount of vapor one produces.

6.  You find yourself explaining ohms, amperage and wattage to others.

5.  You get out of bed in the middle of the night because you forgot to charge your battery.

4.  You bought a lanyard for your ecig.

3.  You spend as much time vaping as you do breathing air.

2.  You realize your ecig has become a part of your body because it’s always in your hand.

And the number one sign that you are hooked on vaping…..

1.  Hearing your atomizer fire up has the same effect as smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Score Card

8-10: You’re a Vape Head addict!
5-7: You’re a Vape Head in the making. Take a retest in 3 months.
0-4: You lied on the test. Take it again.

So, how did you do?  My guess is that you identified yourself with at least 8 of the ten.  Don’t feel bad, vaping is a far healthier habit than smoking. But I would love to know how you did by leaving your comments below.

Due to popular demand, we made a part 2!

Ten Signs You're Addicted to Vaping Pt. 2

A second part video showing what addiction to vaping is like.

That’s right folks.  Our Addicted to Vaping video turned out to be our most popular video to date.  Numerous people wanted more and who are we to argue.  Here you go and thanks for watching and subscribing!


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